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Plastic environmental protection shopping bags become the new fashion

by:SWIFT     2021-01-25
As & other; Plastic limit & throughout; Implementation, conducive to recycling, design and color, texture, style variety & other Plastic environmental protection shopping bags & throughout; Also arises at the historic moment. Now, carry & other; Plastic environmental protection shopping bags & throughout; Instead of shopping will not be regarded as old-fashioned, become a new fashion. And because of low cost, and fit the environmental trend of the whole society, plastic environmental protection shopping bag also quickly became a universal way of advertising. Supermarket sales, commercial distribution, prizes, conference, environmental protection bag figure can be seen everywhere. In order to curb the white pollution, began to perform in China on June 1, 2008 & other; Plastic limit & throughout; 。 In all supermarkets, shopping malls, marketplaces and other places of retail shall practise a system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, urged the public to regain & other; Vegetable basket & throughout; 、“ Bags & throughout; Go out shopping. In this environmental trend, the intelligent merchants began to plastic printed with the name of the company or product information or cotton bags for free, or in the name of environmental protection with a waste product substitution. This free, environmental protection bag soon be welcomed by the masses, and because of low cost, wide circulation, easy to extend, environmental protection bags also soon become dear to advertisers. Supermarket sales, commercial distributed, prizes, meeting to commemorate, scrap replacement, propaganda of environmental protection, environmental protection bag figure can be found everywhere in our life. The current environmental protection bags from the material point of view, with plastic bags, plastic bags, paper bags, bag, etc. But due to the low cost of plastic, so common. It is known that plastic is also called the nonwoven fabric, use polypropylene (more Pp material) Grain as raw material, if placed outside the natural decomposition, the longest is 90 days, placed in the interior decomposition in eight years, combustion of non-toxic, tasteless, no any left over material, called & other; A new generation of environmental protection material & throughout; 。
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