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Plastic Bags And Paper Bags Packaging

by:SWIFT     2020-06-15
Visit any Shopping mall, Grocery Store, Garment Store, food packaging companies or normal store completely find many forms of plastic bags. Buy food items packing is in plastic bags, Buy Liquid Food Item packing in Plastic Plastic bottles. The manufacturer are least bother about the Nature, substantial only bothered about creating more and more profits in service. The Government however countries is a little serious steps cease using the plastic bags. Even intensive testing . taking some penalty from them. But is that in order to be help 'NO' we the people want to take the steps for not buy any item packed in these form of packing. All the plastic that has been turned is still around in smaller and smaller pieces,' says Stephanie Barger which is is correct. I simply don't understand that when you're have got various options in against to Plastic Bags then why peoples are not engaged on that. Paper bags would be the best for any style of packaging, always be coffee packaging, tea packaging, liquid packaging, nuts packaging, other folks. I have spoken with many store owner and have discussed about this issue but they are helpless they says that if the manufacturer of both the product and the packaging supply us in plastic. We cannot convert them in paper packaging. They even can said to me there are consumer who claims to grant in the Paper Bags. But.. And I agree with them, as in order to spend some time on internet appear few such manufacturer who are really concern about kind and they supply good quality of packaging with eco-friendly raw materials, nice colors, various sizes, and various kind of packaging for various type of accessories. But one thing the public don't notice. Main raw material to manufacture paper is . So if we use more paper than we chop more trees. To manufacture 10 kgs of paper we require 100 liters water. So environment is damaged due to chopping of more trees and forests are destroyed and water is consumed more. So reported by me if plastic is used laptop or computer can be recycled and no forest is destroyed. So plastic is helping environment rather than destroying. I have even seen packaging for sea food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, coffee, tea, wine means all sorts of packaging for solid and liquid both. Amazing.!! There are a good many more advantages of using paper instead of plastic and most importantly is the nature. There is saying 'As you sow so shall you reap' The that understand this they have done some nutrients. Lastly I would request to any or all .PLEASE STOP PLASTIC'
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