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by:SWIFT     2019-09-23
Digital printing meets the needs of today's small, diverse and customized systems, which can effectively reduce printing costs and has become a new trend in the printing market. Aurora Group’s ContiTech recently released a new generation of “Digital Label Printing System” and “Digital Printing Software Solution” to assist Taiwan's small-scale, customized industrial applications for one-stop digital printing solutions and establish new ones. Business model. The new product launch will showcase a number of digital printing hardware devices, such as the latest 'Accurio Label 190 digital label printing system', 'bizhub PRESS C71hc professional digital color printing system', 'AccurioPress C2070/C2060 color production digital printing system' , also introduced high-end digital printing software 'AccurioPro Clound Eye cloud color management system' and 'AccurioPro Conductor' intelligent digital printing control system, etc., to help companies prepress color management, rapid proofing, shorten delivery time, reduce costs. Liu Jianjun, general manager of Titanium Technologies, pointed out that the flagship “Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 190 digital label printing” featured in this edition will be able to assist Taiwan with a small amount of customization in the future with its unique advantages of small, diverse, customized, and variable data printing. Organizations such as SMEs, cultural and creative industries, organic small farmers, and non-profit organizations such as NPOs can save nearly 70% of label printing time and significantly shorten their work processes. Taiwan's Konica Minolta’s Taiwan Representative Office’s representative, Hirono Hirai, delivered a speech saying that Kangtai Technology is Taiwan's sales agent for Konica Minolta’s high-end digital production presses in Taiwan, plus its many software solutions will continue Expand the product line to become Taiwan's only 'digital printing integrated service platform.' Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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