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paper carrier bags Talking about the characteristics of mirror ink and its printing skills

by:SWIFT     2019-09-29
Mirror inks are printed on transparent plastic sheets, such as PC, PET, PVC, and PMMA, printed on the back of these transparent sheets, and look smooth from the front of the transparent sheet, such as with a mirror or bronzing surface. So called mirror ink. Mirror inks are widely used in the operation panels of washing machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens. At the present time, mirror inks are used in IMD technologies, such as mobile phones, car dashboards, and various decorative dashboards and panels. It can be seen that the mirror ink has penetrated into many industries, adding color to these products, but mirror inks and ordinary screen printing inks, mirror screen printing inks require high printing technology, must have a certain printing experience and printing skills In accordance with the process parameters of the mirror ink to print, after the screen printing to achieve a satisfactory mirror effect. The following suggestions on how to screen-print glossy mirror ink are as follows: 1. Mirror ink characteristics: 1. Mirror ink is made of special metal powder and resin as the basic material, after silk screen printing to achieve the metallic mirror effect. Due to the need to maintain the maximum fluidity of the ink, the ink adds a large amount of special solvents, so the viscosity of the mirror ink is very low, as low as water, so the silk screen is more difficult, requiring high-tech printing level printing, otherwise, (1) When there is no printing, the mirror ink has leaked through the screen and is contaminated with the substrate. (2) In the printing process, the mirror ink is extremely easy to dry, in addition to easy blocking the network, but also make the dry mirror ink accumulated on the Internet, as a 'silver slag' and reduce the mirror effect of the print. 2. The mirror ink uses the smoothness of the surface of the substrate material, so that the metal powder pigment in the printed ink is arranged in parallel on the surface of the light-printed substrate to obtain a mirror surface effect. Since the mirror ink has such a property, (1) a material having poor surface smoothness on a transparent substrate (transparent sheet) cannot obtain a mirror surface effect. (2) If the transparent substrate material is not resistant to the solvent in the mirror ink, good mirror effect will not be obtained. (3) After mirror ink printing, the mirror effect is related to the drying method. (4) Screen printing operation skills will affect the mirror effect. Second, the mirror ink printing techniques: 1, first of all should understand the mirror ink thin water, printing skills is the key, when the printing speed is slow, on the one hand, thin water mirror ink will leak down the screen, on the other hand, mirror ink easy Absorb moisture in the air, the mirror effect obtained after printing is not good, for this reason, in the printing, the mirror ink must be printed quickly and smoothly after being poured on the screen, so as to print smoothly, even if the inspection of the workpiece at the printing speed will give The effects of the printing effect, such as blocking the net, ink printing, scumming on the screen, etc. 2. The ambient temperature and humidity when printing mirror ink is very important. Because the ink is easy to dry on the screen, it cannot be screen printed in a large air circulation environment, otherwise it is very easy to block the network and become agar-like. At the same time, when the humidity is high, the mirror effect is poor, therefore, When screen printing, as much as possible to avoid air flow and humidity, screen printing environment should be enhanced de-wetting treatment. If the mirror ink is stored at 20°C and screen printed at 20°C, the printability will be better. 3, because the ink is thin as water, so you should choose a high mesh screen, not only that, the hardness of the squeegee should be harder, more than 80 °. 4. The mirror ink must be fully stirred before use so that the metal powder and the resin are fully mixed to ensure the appearance of the mirror effect. Otherwise, the mirror effect will be affected. 5, the screen tension is slightly lower, the net distance is also adjusted to some, and the scraping pressure of the scraper is appropriately reduced so that the mirror effect can be produced. 6, mechanical printing, the use of ink-jet knife can not use hard aluminum or stainless steel, but should use glial ink knife, to ensure that the screen printing mirror ink coating evenly, so that the mirror effect is consistent. 7. The mirror effect of mirror ink is related to the drying method. In terms of mirror effect, natural drying is not as good as heating and drying. Note that the heating temperature and drying time should be the same, otherwise the mirror performance and color saturation will also be There are differences. Third, the mirror ink recommended screen printing process parameters 1, screen use 270 ~ 300 mesh / IN screen. 2. The photosensitive coating is made of solvent-resistant type, such as British Coulter's PLUS II emulsion or thin capillary film. 3, Squeegee (scraper) use 80 ~ 85 °. 4. Diluent: It is not necessary under normal conditions. If necessary, add T-1000 thinner. Stir before use. 5, screen printing environment: low temperature, low humidity, continuous screen printing, printing environment does not require air circulation. 6, drying: 80 °C 10 ~ 15 minutes, 60 °C 15 ~ 20 minutes, 20 ~ 30 minutes at room temperature. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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