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by:SWIFT     2019-09-27
Vertically lift the column guide shaft and the semi-automatic press injects the lubricant once a week. The full-automatic printer injects the lubricant once every working month. The spatula arm is raised, the guide rail is lowered, and the lubricant is injected once per working week. The suction cylinder moves the slider and injects the lubricant once every working month. Drying box, feeder, and drive chain are added once every three months. The left and right devices of the screen printing equipment are equipped with tray robots and upper and lower feeders, which can automatically carry out the loading and unloading. The same person can manage more than one equipment, which greatly saves manpower and reduces labor costs;- The process of glass screen printing machine uses a normal deformed frame, which requires very high strength and horizontal rigidity. The combination of the net and the net frame may be a stretch net. The requirement of the stretch net is uniform tension, the vertical and horizontal lines of the wire mesh are kept vertical, and the adhesive net glue should be firm and unsuitable for relaxation. The requirements of the glass-screen printing machine for photo-sensitive adhesives are that the plate-making performance is good for coating, the photo-sensing spectrum range is 340 to 440 nm, the developing performance is good, the resolution is high, the coordination is good for storage, and the economic hygiene is non-toxic and harmless. Preventative maintenance should be implemented earlier: This type of maintenance is implemented according to a predetermined period of time. The prescribed maintenance schedule can be referred to. There is no downtime record and recommendation, and the downtime of the glass screen printer can be relatively reduced. According to the analysis and maintenance of the machine and replacement of spare parts, the spare parts system is relatively complete, and the equipment can be operated under low-cost and high-output conditions. Screen printing equipment belongs to stencil printing, stencil printing includes stencil printing, stencil printing, spray printing and screen printing. Then do you know how screen printers work? How screen printing equipment works? Screen printing equipment working process: the first step: screen printing machine printing ink is poured into one end of the screen plate, the ink on the screen plate with a squeegee squeegee The site applies a certain pressure while moving towards the other end of the screen plate. The ink is moved by the squeegee and squeezed from the aperture of the graphic part onto the substrate during the movement. The advantages and limitations of screen printing equipment have been described, but in the field of flat glass decoration such as architectural glass curtain walls and automobile windshields, they have continued to develop and improve, making our own contribution to adding color to our lives. In the advertising printing design production process, an instrument can use glass glaze to perform printing and printing on glass materials, and it becomes a glass screen printer. The screen printing equipment uses a layered buffer to prevent the first screen printing machine from stopping printing, thus ensuring that the production power has not been changed, saving time and high power levels. The next step: due to the stickiness of the ink, the imprinting is fixed within a certain range. Therefore, the screen printing machine always has to be in line contact with the screen plate and the substrate during the printing process, since the contact line will follow the scratch. The board moves and moves. The third step: The scraper scrapes across the entire layout and lifts it up. At the same time, the screen printing plate is lifted, and the ink is scraped back to the original address. This is the same printing stroke. Directly connected to the computer, used for product proofing, only the design of custom drafts (pictures, photos) into the computer will be able to complete the output directly on any material, a large number of colors once successfully printed, batch production can be printed objects filled with the print area, It can be printed once, and the operation is simple and convenient. The traditional printing method is not easy to achieve the transition of all colors according to the picture, so the effect of screen printing will be clearly defined. In the center of the two colors, it is not enough to follow the picture itself to reflect the color transition. The screen printing device is equipped with visual positioning components, which can visually detect the deviation between the printed pattern and the product, automatically correct the product's location according to the deviation, achieve rapid and accurate automatic correction, and greatly improve the speed of the machine, and at the same time, the operator The experience and other requirements have been reduced to a minimum. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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