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paper bag manufacturers Color Print Overprint Tips SWIFT

by:SWIFT     2019-10-01
We know that the overprinting of printed matter, to make the printed version of the ink thick, light brightness, visual effects to obtain satisfactory requirements, transfer ink and printing the organic cooperation is very important, but the specific circumstances should be handled according to different conditions. For example, when the surface of printing paper is smooth and the ink absorption is poor, the ink layer of the under color printing ink should be thinner to avoid stickiness when overprinting. In addition, the background color is appropriately thinned, and the color printing effect is good, and it is advantageous for the drying of the overprint ink layer. For offset paper products with a rough surface and a large amount of ink absorption, the amount of background ink should be appropriately thickened in order to lay a solid foundation for obtaining a flat gloss. When printing overlay printing plates, the ink layer is thinner than the background color, and the ink color to be blended is slightly lighter than the original color, because the background color is basically close to the original color, the overprinting is not reduced, and the printing product will be deeper than the original. In order to ensure the normal color registration and prevent the printing ink and the color printing plate from printing, the Shenzhen printing factory should consider the amount of ink sucked on the plate surface and add appropriate amount of dry oil to ensure printing. quality. Generally, the amount of white dry oil is: 2%~5% of resin ink, 3%~10% of oil ink, and about 2% of red dry oil. Because dry oil has an influence on the ink color, light-colored inks use dry white oils more, while red dry oils are mostly used in red and dark inks to avoid biasing ink hue. If the red or yellow background is overprinted and the gold is printed on the background, then in addition to the blank part, a solid version can be made and a clear yellow or light diluting agent can be printed to increase the gloss of the solid version. In order to ensure the quality of overprinting and prevent over-imprinting, in addition to the overprinting of black characters in the gold and white ink diluting agents, the black characters can be printed first and then the large-area background layout can be printed to avoid the background color on the printed products. The ink layer rubbed and scratched on the machine. In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of overprinting, after the pin position of the background color (ie, the rules) is determined, the registration position of the sleeve printing plate can only adjust the position of the printing plate and cannot adjust the position of the front ruler and the side ruler so as to avoid paper. The edge of the water wave invisible 'non-flat' phenomenon, affecting the stability and accuracy of overprinting. For yin and yang overprint patterns, one of them can be appropriately expanded to overcome overprinting errors caused by machine accuracy defects and changes in ambient temperature and humidity, resulting in overprinting, resulting in layout leaks and affecting product quality. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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