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paper and paper recycling associations.

by:SWIFT     2020-03-22
100% recycling board alliance 1331 F St.
Washington, DC 20004. Ph: (877)772-6200. Fax: (315)635-1215.
URL: rpa100. com.
Lharrelson @ rpa100. com. Lynn Harrelson.
Designed to increase the use and labeling of 100% recycled cardboard packaging.
Forest & Paper Association of the United States 1111
800 suites, Washington, DC, 20036 northwest. Ph: (800)878-8878, (202)463-2700. Fax: (202)463-2785.
Website: afandpa. org. info@afandpa. org. Robin Baker.
National trade association for Forest, paper and wood products industries.
British Paper Recycling Association, paper mill, rivet Hall Road. .
Westlea, Swinn.
Wiltshire SNS 7BDEngland.
Ph: 01793 889624
Fax: 01793 886182
Website: recycled paper. org. uk.
Promote, protect and enhance the benefits of the United States recycling paper collection and processing industryK.
Franklin Roosevelt international recycling Avenue Bureau.
1050 Brussels, Belgium.
Ph: 32 2 677 57 70.
Fax: 32, 2, 677, 57, 73. Web site: bir. org. E-mail: bir@bir. org.
Francis vis, director general
International Federation of Trade and entrepreneurs involved in the recycling and recycling of materials.
862 monarch Avenue, Recycling Industry Association of Canada.
Unit 1 Ajax, Ontario. LIS 4S2. Ph: (905)426-9313. Fax: (905)426-9314. Web site: cari-acirorg. E-mail: donna. turner@cari@on. aibn. com.
Donna Turner, manager
Promote the best net economic and social impact of commercial recycling.
Sunlife Building, Pulp and Paper Association of Canada.
1155 Metcalfe Street, 19 th Floor, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 4-6. Ph: (514)866-6621. Fax: (514)866-3035. David Church.
National Association of pulp and paper producers.
CEMPRE Rua Pedrosa Alvarenga 1254/52, 04531-
Sp, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Ph: 0 11 3889 7806
Fax: 0 11 3889 8721
URL: cempre. org. br. E-
Postage: cempre @ cempre. org. br.
Brazilian Recycling Association.
Louise, 250 Avenue, European paper industry federation, box 80, B-
1050 Brussels, Belgium.
Ph: 32 2 627 4911
Fax: 32 2 646 8137Web site: cepi. org. E-mail: c. carlisle@cepi. org. A non-
Represents the profit organization of some 1,000 pulp, paper and cardboard production companies in Europe.
Erpa c/o bir, European Recycling Paper Association.
24 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue
1050 Brussels, Belgium.
Ph: 32 2 627 57 70.
Fax: 32, 2, 627, 57, 73. Web site: erpa. info. E-mail: bir. sec@skynet. be.
Promote the use and trade of recycled paper to further produce recycled paper and cardboard.
Fiber Box Association 2850 Golf Road
412 suites IL 60008 Rolling Meadows. Ph: (847)364-9600. Fax: (847)364-9639.
URL: Fiber Box. org. A non-
Represents and serves the profit organization of the corrugated carton industry.
International Pulp molding Environmental Packaging Association 1425 W Mequon Rd
Suite C in WI 53092 Mequon. Ph: (262)241-0522. Fax: (262)241-3766.
URL: impepa. org. E-
Mail: info @ mpepaorg. Joseph Gryngy.
As an information center for the molded pulp industry, it has global membership.
Post 21 Sucursal C, Loma del Porvenir, 22110 Tijuana, CA, MX.
Fax: 52 664 630 8158.
URL: glorem. com/ingles. htm. E-
Postage: administrative @ gblmkt. com.
Promote recycling by maintaining the number of its 1,300 membersto-
Update new technologies, equipment and regulations and develop new market and business opportunities in the industry. Mid-
The capital of the American Committee of recycling officials, 700, 47204 suites, Indiana. Ph: (317)232-8944. Fax: (317)232-8995. Web site: epa.
Hardware/recovery/jtr/status/macro. htm. E-
Email: scarney @ commercestate. in. us.
Chairman Sarah Carney
Develop regional recycling plans and policies. Mid-
PO Box 5520, mainland Recycling Association.
Bismarck, 58506. Ph: (701)328-5150. Fax: (701/328-5200. Web site: epa.
Hardware/recovery/jtr/state/mcra. htm. E-
Mail: mschock @ state. nd. us. Martin Schock.
Promote regional cooperation and coordination, and develop recycling, including market and policy development.
2801 Redmond, Washington, China Women\'s postal mail association of paper mills. 98073. Ph: (866)GET-NAPW. Web site: napw. org. E-
Email: antgeo @ stargatenet.
President Antoinette Zhu Cha
The organization aims to raise awareness, visibility and effectiveness of women in the paper industry.
Paper recycling project of 1620 Eye Street national office
Washington, DC 20006 northwest. Ph: (202)293-7330. Fax: (202)293-2353.
Website: Mayor of the United States.
Organization/USCM _ project _ service/environment/country _ thesis _ recycling _ project. html.
David Gardon, Karen Nozick.
The goal of the project is to maximize the recycling of office paper and minimize its disposal.
National Recycling Alliance 1325 G St.
1025 suites, Washington, DC, 20005 northwest. Ph: (202)347-0450. Fax: (202)347-0449. Web site: nrc-recycle. org. E-mail: info@nrc-recycle. org.
Kate Krebs, executive director
Committed to advancing and improving recycling, reducing sources, composting and reuse.
Northeast Recycling Council 139 Main St.
401 suites, Brattleboro, VT 05301. Ph: (802)254-3636. Fax: (802)254-5870. Web site: nerc. org. E-Mail: info @ uercorg.
Director Lynn kubinstein
An association of Northeast state officials to help expand and ensure the feasibility of recycling.
No. 9 Bailey Road, Northeast Resource Recycling Association
NH 03258 Forrest, Chicago. Ph: (603)798-5777. Fax: (603)798-5744.
URL: recyclewithus. org. E-mail: nrra@tds. net.
Executive Director Elizabeth Bedd
Promote alliances to improve waste management and recycling practices.
Council for paper and cardboard packaging environment, 701 Evans Avenue, Ito Biko suites 400, Ontario. Ph: (416)626-0350. Fax: (416)626-7054. Web site: ppec-paper. com. E-Email: ppec @ ppec-paper. com.
Executive director John mullind
Promote the paper and cardboard packaging industry to minimize the impact on the environment.
Paper Recycling Association, Pulp and Paper Products Council, 1200 McGill College Avenue.
800 suites Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3B 4G7. Ph: (514)861-8828. Fax: (514)866-4863. Web site: pppc. org. E-
Mail: General @ pppcorg.
A Canadian paper mill representing the consumption of recycled paper and cardboard in the manufacture of new products.
Paper Industry--
ISRI 1325 G Street West chapter, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20009. Ph: (202)662-8538. Fax: (202)626-0900. Web site: isri.
Organization/chapter/newspaper industry. htm. E-
Postage: amycarey @ Institute of Advanced Studies. org.
Amy Carey, Lee Sen, a newspaper worker.
Combine traders, paper mills and suppliers at home and abroad to identify industries-
Wide paper standard.
Board Packaging Committee, 201 Union Street
Suite 220, Alexandria, VA 22314. Ph: (703)836-3300. Fax: (703)836-3290.
URL: ppcnet. org. E-
Marl: Paper Packaging @ ppcnet. org.
President Jerome Van Der WaterRepresents U. S.
Cardboard packaging manufacturers.
PO Box 7219, Silver Spring, MD 20907, solid waste Society of North America. Ph: (8001)GOSWANA. Fax: (301)5894068.
URL: Swana. org. E-
Email: Message @ swanaorg.
Executive director John Skinner
Promote the healthy management of municipal solid waste.
Southeast recycling Development Commission(SERDC)57 Newport St.
Camp FL 32533.
URL: serdc. org. E-mail: jerry. hawk@comcast. net.
Chair, Jerry Hawk.
The aim is to increase the collection and recycling of high-quality recyclable materials and raise awareness of the impact of the industry in the southeast.
PO Box 105113, Pulp and Paper Industry Technology Association, Atlanta, GA 30348. Ph: (770)446. 1400. Fax: (770)446-6947.
Website: Tappi. org. E-
Mail: memberconnect @ tappi. org. Wayne Gross.
Technical Association of pulp, paper and blowing industry.
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