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packaging supplier directory: here is a list of packaging suppliers to the beauty, personal care and household products industry. for more information, contact the supplier directly using the information provided.

by:SWIFT     2020-03-28
ABA packaging companyHoltsville NY (
Main office and warehouse);
Satellite Office: Los Angeles, California 800-443-
9799 Email: Message @ abapackaging.
Website: www. abapackaging.
The ABA packaging company was established in 1984.
Is a storage distributor for glass fragrance and handling bottles/PET bottles, tubes/glass and plastic bottles/plastic wood and metal caps and closures/sprays, treatment and milk pump/airless and treatment pump packs/rollalls les, mascara, lip gloss and Red Envelope/dropper etc.
We provide decoration service.
Albea Gennevilliers, France 33 1 81 93 19 87 website: www. albea-group.
Com * Albea is one of the world\'s leading packaging companies offering a wide range of solutions for cosmetics, perfumes, skin
Personal and oral care markets.
Headquartered in France, Albea has 9,300 employees and 31 manufacturing plants in 13 different countries in Europe, America and Asia.
Our portfolio includes plastic and laminated tubes, mascaras, lipstick, lip gloss, press blocks, plastic closure and housing, spray-
Bottle caps, cans, covers, cosmetic accessories, bags and promotional items, and a full service.
Aptar Beauty house in Stratford, CT 203-377-
8100 Email: infobh. gbl@aptar.
Website: www. aptar.
Com * Aptar Beauty home creates innovative distribution systems for perfume, cosmetics, personal care and home product marketers.
With a wide range of dispensing solutions and a wide geographic location, we help our customers stay ahead
Changes in global consumer demand.
Packaging New York, NY 63-ArKay273-
2000 mail: info @ arkay
Website: www. arkay.
Com * Arkay is one of the world\'s leading folding carton companies in 89 years, offering highly creative, cost-effective solutions to the world\'s top cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies-
Effective and ecological
Friendly Packaging solution.
Cutting with state-of-the-art
Arkaypartners works with designers to take advantage of edge technology in business and decorative effects palettes to meet any visual challenge. Brad-
Pakistan Enterprise Limited
Garwood, NJ 908-233-
1234 mail: Message @ brad-pak.
Website: www. brad-pak. com * Brad-
Pakistan Enterprise Limited
It is a full service distributor of glass, plastic and aluminum containers, caps, pumps and other items that can be used to display products.
Decoration/frosting and packaging engineering services are also provided.
Brad-extensive knowledge of the cosmetics, perfumes, chemistry, aromatherapy and personal care markets
Pak can help you choose the packaging that suits your product or market.
Chicago, IL 773-Chicago paper tube cans283-
9500, Email: Sales @ chicagopapertube.
Website: www.
Com * Chicago paper tube can is a leading custom, high
Round cardboard container exclusively produced in the United States. S.
Since 1898, we are headquartered in Chicago and offer sustainable packaging for designer brands in different industries, including health and beauty, home care and gourmet food. Condensa S. A.
SANTIAGO, Chile-2-
519 5711 Email: matias. levit@condensa. Cl website: www. condensa.
Small cl * aluminum packaging manufacturersto large-
Sizedcompany, with more than 35 years of experience in the aerosol and aluminum packaging industry.
Specializing in the cosmetics and personal care industry, currently supplying industry leading brands and major contract fillers.
ISO 9001: 2008 certification. F. E. A.
Regulation: European Federation of aerosol.
New York Cosmos airlines, NY 201-218-8586 (
The quiet Sebel (cell)
Email: sseebol @ cosmogen-inc.
Website: www. cosmogen.
Fr * Cosmogen has 30 years of experience as a cosmetic packaging company with five years of expertise in extrusion range tubes.
Design and develop professional brushes, brushes and expectations from tubesto customers.
Its expertise combines packaging and application functions that enhance the cosmetic category.
Cosmogen is a pioneer in the design, development and production of cosmetic packaging.
Lab Chandler, AZ 480-897-
0551, email: Customer Service @ Covalence.
Website: www. covalence.
Com * Co Valence Laboratories is a NOP certified FDA and cGMPregistered contract and private label manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the professional and retail skin care industry.
We have always been an outstanding leader and promoter in the skin care industry worldwide.
New York, NY 646-Dapeng, United States393-
Email for 4717 months: David Jacquet @ Dapyparis.
Website: www. dapyparis.
Com * since 1980, Dapy Paris is a turnkey manufacturer of plastic injection molding packaging, folding boxes, vacuum forming platforms, set-top boxes (
Cardboard, metal and/or wood)
Sleeves, cards and labels.
Since each product is unique, our approach is based on
Delve into your environment and goals to provide you with creative solutions tailored to your individual needs.
Rochester Diamond Packaging 800-333-
4079 mail: Sales @ diamondpkg.
Website: www.
Diamond Packaging. com, www.
Diamond Packaging.
Com/green * now celebrate 100 th anniversary, the diamond pack is a100 % female-owned, WBENC-
Certified companies specializing in the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for personal care (
Cosmetics and skin care, perfume, hair care)
Medicine, health care products, food, candy and other industries.
Diamond through innovative design, technical expertise, green box sustainability initiative for diamonds, contract packaging services and its Global Packaging Alliance (GPA). DISC Inc.
Hoppug, New York 631-234-1400 Fax:631-234-
1460 website: www. discgraphics.
Com Contact: SVP Marketing & Business Development Email: sales @ discgraphics John Rebecchi.
Com * DISC has been a leading resource in packaging and printing in the beauty, personal care and consumer goods industries for more than 20 years.
We produce cardboard and plastic folding cartons, award winning professional packaging, digital, offset and Flexo, pressure-
The label is sensitive and has internal foil stamping and special polishing operations.
Kent, WA 800-express delivery365-4080 Email (
Customer consultation)
: Info @ expresstubes.
Website: www. expresstubes.
Com * Express tubles has been producing 5,000 to 5 ml microtubes to global customers since 2003 and is now producing bottles, cans, aluminum cans, shrink sleeves, etc.
Our excellent customer service, high quality products, competitive prices and fast delivery time make us an expert in custom packaging.
Dallas, TX (Fusion Packaging)
Company headquarters)
Zhejiang, Los Angeles, New York, 214-747-2004, 866-587-
1152 mail: Sales @ fusionpkg
Website: www. fusionpkg.
Com * Fusion Packaging is a global leader in skin care and cosmetic Packaging design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution, isa dynamic, a partner that understands the unique needs of product brands and their service consumers.
Many of the world\'s most well-known beauty companies have begun to rely on the innovation and expertise of fusioninnovation to meet their packaging needs. Glenroy, Inc.
Menomonee Falls, WI 800-824-
1482 Email: Message @ Glenroy.
Website: www. glenroy.
Com * manufacturer of flexible packaging film for various products including liquid, cream, lotion, balm, powder, trailer
Value of Glen Roy
The added flexible packaging will provide you with consistent quality, environmental benefits, customized packaging solutions and the lowest cost of use.
Glenroy\'s premium flexible packaging film is rewarded-
Win the Flexo.
Global packaging companyBrea, CA 949-500-
1601 Email: steveg @ globalpack.
Business Website: www. globalpack.
Global packaging company
It is manufacturer of plastic pipe and round, oval and super plastic barrier layer pressure pipe
Flat Oval and new air-free PE tube and PCR tube. Offeringhigh-
Offset printing, silk screening and hot stamping finish decoration of Tubesand closures with a wide variety of applicator tips and closures.
Quick turn available-
The price is competitive and the lowest price is low.
In addition, we are a supplier of luxury jars and bottles.
HCT Packaging Co. , Ltd.
Bridgewater, NJ 908-
203 8610 Email: hc @ hctusa.
Website: www. hctpackaging.
Com * HCT Group has the most comprehensive plastic, metal and carton packaging in the world, and our stock packaging portfolio is expanding year by year.
Unparalleled expertise in trend analysis, design and engineering, as well as our pilot and tooling capabilities, enable us to lead our customers in the competition, from concept to customer, quickly track your
HLP Klearfold New York, NY 888-457-
7225 Email: info @ hlpklearfold.
Website: www. hlpklearfold.
Com * HLP Klearfold is a clear packaging expert.
We are the world\'s largest and most experienced manufacturer of plastic folding cartons and a leading supplier of pipe, round and custom thermoforming.
Our clear packaging has an innovative, functional, strong visual impression that helps unlock the potential of the brand.
Identify Pak, Inc. McAllen, TX 956-630-
4403 mail: Sales @ identify Pak
Website: www. identipak.
Our business is com * Sampling.
We have been creating new samples of innovative products for various industries (i. e.
Personal care, cosmetics, etc. )
Over 18 years.
We adhere to the highest standards of quality and care, as well as green practices in our production.
We offer sampling solutions to millions of consumers and turn them into loyal customers.
So when you combine our impeccable quality, innovation, competitive price, style design and packaging with our experience, you get what we call \"smart sampling\"
INAC Packaging Group Limited
Basil, KY 502-348-
5159 Email: info @ inoacusa.
Con website: www. inoacusa.
Com * Packaging Group is a well-known quality packaging manufacturer in the world.
Some of the world\'s most prestigious cosmetics companies have wall PET bottles and jars.
Inoac combines the aesthetics of shape and color with the practicality of the country to create innovative packaging for global customersof-the-
Art technology and integrationstop-
Shopping and manufacturing.
Blairstown, James Alexander, NJ 908-362-
9266, Email: Carolgamsby @ James-alexander. Website. james-alexander.
Com * James Alexander is a single custom fill contract packager
Use glass and plastic anpou.
Our patented plastic anpou features a wide range of tips, droppers, foam heads, tilt and flat surfaces.
There are also Pantone colors.
Our glass anpou enters our cotton swab, inhaler and drip tube packaging.
Jehr plastic Co. , Ltd.
Bayonne, NJ 201-436-
Email 6662: dfobox @ gmail
Website: * Jerhel plastic Co. , Ltd. is a woman-
1986 self-owned enterprises established.
We serve the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry with high quality injection and blow molding packaging and turnkeysolutions.
JSN cosmetic packaging, CA 949-458-
0050 mail: info @ jsn.
Website: www. jsn.
Com * JSN is a well-known manufacturer of West Coast plastic tube and custom injection molding products, mainly serving the market of personal care and cosmetics.
JSN production pipe polyethylene, MDPE and HDPE materials, internal-
Housing renovation services including eight items
Color offset printing, screen printing, labeling, hot stamping.
Cleveland, OH 800-Kaufman container824-
4119, Email: Sales @ kaufmancontainer.
Website: www.
Com * package development and project management. State-of-the-
Art Deco including screen printing, stamping and labeling.
Glass, plastic and metal bottles, containers, tubes, jars, caps, jars, distribution systems, etc.
Stock or custom options.
Provide you with one-stop packaging requirements.
Noel Printing & Packaging Co. , Ltd.
Syosset, NY 516-621-
0100 Email: info @ knollpack.
Website: www. knollpack.
Com * Knoll packaging designs innovative and creative packaging for demanding global brands.
We make boxes of unique shapes that are highly decorated with luxury goods and focus on the spirits and cosmetics industry.
Our deep experience and understanding of production makes it possible for these complex and interesting designs.
NORG Tucker, Leman container, CT-800453-
7626 mail: Sales @ lermancontainer
Website: www.
Leman container is your trusted purchasing partnerto-
Terminal packaging solution, added in-
Demand Inventory and ability to decorate. Yourone-
Stop sources for packaging parts including plastic and glass bottles and jars, plastic and metal closures and sprayers and more!
LF of American companies
FL 954-Hollywood963-
6226 Email: info @ LFofAmerica.
Website: www. LFofAmerica. com * Unit-dose and multi-
Plastic containers for the health and beauty industry.
Ann\'s in one;
Unique stick tube with silicone applicator;
Unique bellows container.
Professional service.
New York Liberty Port Lombardi design and manufacture 516-546-
4400 Email: info @ lombardi. Cc website: www. lombardi.
Cc * provides the molding resources to translate ideas into tangible goods, and our goal is to ensure that the process is simple and the experience is positive.
It is proved that our direction is to produce the highest quality finished products.
We are proud to work closely with each customer to produce the most efficient products.
Maesa, New York 212-674-
5555 mail: Packaging-us@maesa. com, Beauty-us@maesa.
Website: www. maesa.
Com * Maesa Department: packaging, beauty & Home-
Engineers design, manufacture creative packaging components, promotional products, turnkey beauty and home perfume products for leading retailers and brands. Maesa Studio--
Brand logo, industrial design, packaging design, graphic design, comp creation.
McKernan packing clearing house, Reno, Nevada 800-
Surplus mailbox: surplus @ mckernan
Website: www. mckernan.
Com * whenever you have unwanted, outdated or excess packaging inventory, McKernan packaging clearing house is your chance to maximize your profits.
We are responsible for the environment and the beneficiaries of traditional recycling.
When you need to clean up your inventory in a short period of time, call the mph.
Richmond VA 804-444-
1000 mail: Package @ mwv
Website: www. mwv.
Com * MWV is a global leader in consumer packaging and quotationto-
Ultimate ability to provide dispensing systems and packaging solutions for beauty and personal care, home and garden, and many other markets.
MWV brings a unique understanding of consumer insights and material expertise to create differentiated, high-quality packaging for the world\'s most respected brands.
New Brunswick, NJ 973-670-
8367 emails: richardmisdom@neopac.
Website: www. neopac.
Com * Neopac is a global expert in the development and production of multi-foil high barrier tubes.
We are a leading pipe supplier in the high-end field of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dental industries with capacity ranging from 1 ml to 300 ml.
Our tubes enhance your products with superior quality, safety and aesthetics.
New high Glass CompanyMiami, FL 305-232-0840 E-
Email: Sales @ newhigh
Website: www. newhigh.
NHG has 30 years of experience in providing quality glass and plastic packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, nail care and other industries, and has the product and experience to be your packaging supplier. O.
Burke Union, NJ 908-851-
9500 Email: info @ oberk.
Website: www. oberk. com * O.
Berk has four locations on the East Coast to provide complete packaging services and solutions for beauty/personal care, pharmaceutical/healthcare, food/beverage and home/industrial markets, there are plastic and glass containers, caps, pumps, sprayers in stock and customized, as well as labeling and decoration services.
Art label Paris, Inc.
Pachilo, New York 631-648-
6200 Email: sales @ parisartlabel.
Website: Parisartlabel.
The Paris art label is one of the oldest label manufacturers in the United States. S.
Specializing in silk screening, 4 color process, extended content label, hot stamping, embossed, hanging label, shrink sleeve and assembly and full
Fill in through TAL.
Please contact us if you have any labeling/Assembly/and application requirements.
Pierce plastic Co. , Ltd.
California Pasadena Co. , Ltd. Innovation update 626-797-
8481 website: www. pearceplashcs. com, www. ventingcaps.
Com * Pearce plastic manufactures caps and jars, specifically inventing technology for containers that require ventilation.
All of our products are made using Pantone Matching System color on small and medium production lines.
We also have a special color called network color.
Headquarters: California Beverly Hills 310-PKG Group Co. , Ltd. 205-9038 Fax: 310. 205.
9147 East Coast sales office: Somerset, New Jersey 732-560-9337 Fax: 732-560-
9448 Exhibition Hall: New York, NY 212-965-0112 Fax:212-965-
0112 mailbox: Sales @ pkggroup
Website: www. pkggroup.
Com * pkg group is a well-
A well-known and proven industry leader in providing complete packaging solutions for the cosmetics, beauty, skin care and personal care industries.
PKG Group, LLC provides standard and customized Airless Packaging, LuxeFoil and PE standards and airless tubesthrough through its exclusive agency in the Americas
PKG Group, LLC is a global source of standard and custom injection molding blocks, caps, heavy wall tanks, injection strike and stretch strike heavyweight bottles, and glass custom and stock designs.
The pkg group has been committed to meeting the needs of its customers and has set new standards for high-quality distribution solutions and applications used by consumers.
The pkg group has professional sales, service, quality assurance, industrial design and engineering professionals to help you achieve your product and brand plans.
Let the strength of the team work for you.
Prime Label & Screen, Inc.
Pippo, WI-262542-
1600 mail: Sales @ primels
Website: www. primels.
Com * Prime Label & Screen specializes in providing flexible packaging and innovative re-sealing seals for a wide range of products including ouousehold, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
Qosmedix Edgewood, NY 631-242-
3270 Email: info @ qosmedix.
Website: www. qosmedix.
Com * Qosmedix is a certified global supplier in the cosmetics and skincare industries.
Based on the concept of maintaining hygiene habits during beauty consultation, the company has expanded to offer a range of premium products including brushes, cotton swabs, applicator, disposable spa clothing, jars, bottles and more.
PERRYSBURG, OH 800-close537-
0735 mail: closed. info@rexam.
Website: www. rexam.
Personal care plastic packaging supplier of one of the largest double-layer, single-layer, expansion and heavy wall tank production lines in the industry;
High-end thermostat, continuous thread, tamper
Obviously, dispensing and children
Resistant to closing.
Decoration options are available. Contact 1-800-537-
0735 or off. info@rexam. com.
SGD North America Limited
New York, NY 212-753-
4200 Email: Sheherazade.
Chamlou @ sgdgroup
Website: www. sgdgroup.
Com * SGD is specialized in glass packaging, providing glass production and in-
Decoration of our home in the United States, including spraying, screening, stamping, etching and bondingS.
Facilities in Georgia.
SGD also offers a wide range of in-stock perfumes and cosmetic bottles \"La collection\" that can be customized to fulfill your creative dreams.
Stull Technologies Somerset, NJ 732-873-
5000 Email: info @ stulltech.
Website: www. stulltech.
Com * Stull Technologies is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative dispensing caps, caps and packaging components.
Stull will work with you to complete each stage of the project from conception to mass production.
Our team provides continuous support to combine cutting-edge packaging solutions with increased speed-to-
Market processing.
Pacific Inn Montville, NJ 201-United States of America-507-
0555, Email: Query @ taikiusa.
Net website: www. taikiusabeauty.
For more than 50 years, Taiki group has provided solutions to the application challenges for the world\'s largest beauty brands.
Art and Science in makeup and skin care applications-
Beauty Tools, beauty instruments, beauty products.
Taplast Willowbrook, IL 630-United States of America-986-
0343 Email: alexp @ taplast.
Website: www. taplast.
Com * global manufacturers of innovative distribution systems, including milk pump, spray pump, bubble pump and a variety of unique distribution shut-down devices. Unit Pack Co. , Inc.
Cedar Forest, New Jersey 973-239-
4112 Email: info @ unitpack.
Website: www. unitpack.
The Com * Unit Pack produces flexible use pillowcases of all sizes.
5 ml to 30 ml. Hot-
It is decorated in white or transparent print.
The unit packaging is made of fully recyclable materials.
Unit Pack is an organic facility that FDA checks and certifies.
All GMPs are in place.
Villa International Limited
New Windsor, NY 845-561-2440 E-
Email: April @ VerlaInternational
Website: www.
Villa International
Com * private label manufacturer and contract packaging filling company with more than 100 lines of nail polish, color cosmetics, skin care, perfume and frosted products.
More than 60,000 options are available in the packaging Library.
Full service and turnkey options.
Vision Pakistan company Waukegan, IL 877-689-
0001 mail: Sales @ visualpak.
Website: www. visualpak.
Com * single source of your contract manufacturing and packaging solutions--
Mixed filling of liquid;
Blister, flap, tray and custom heatforming;
Printing cardboard, plastic-absorbing cards, chips and folding cartons;
Secondary packaging, packing, blister sealing, steam shrink sleeve, multi
Wrap tape, shrink wrap tape;
Warehousing, distribution, fulfillment and logistics.
VPI Clifton, NJ showroom: New York, NY 973-235-
9030 mail: Sales @ vpipackaging
Website: www. vpipackaging. com * \"Vision-Packaging-Innovation\"-
VPI offers innovative and in-stock packaging solutions for the personal care and beauty market.
Core capabilities include custom bottles and jars for standard and heavy duty Wall Pete.
No gas dispensing system.
In terms of house design
\"Turn-key\" solutions in the categories of cosmetics, skin care, perfumes and promotions.
Englewood, NJ 201-627-
1000 mail: Sales @ wormsercorp
Website: www. wormsercorp.
Com * Wormser Corporation specializes in importing cosmetics and personal care packaging and products worldwide.
We use our factory in China to develop customized solutions to achieve the best results in price and quality.
Our goal is to share our expertise with you and create products for all aspects of your production cycle.
Global packaging 973-Froham Park, New Jersey, LLC-805-
6500 Email: Sales @ wwpinc.
Website: www. wwpinc.
Com * global packaging from 1980 (WWP)
Provides a complete range of components for the cosmetics and skin care industry, as well as customization and stock molding of primary packaging, new plastic tubeinnovations and contract manufacturing capabilities.
Packaging companies around the world currently offer formula and filling services in their statesof-the-art facility.
All of our products are backed by reliable services and competitive prices, attracting the luxury, mass and youth markets.
Looking for more?
If you are looking for more suppliers of packaging materials, be sure to read our Buyer\'s Guide, which was released on February and available online at hapi. com.
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