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Not Your Everyday Reusable Shopping Bag

by:SWIFT     2020-06-18
What's the reason for reusable bags if you want to replace them? When my reusable grocery store bags gave out, I went looking for bags that would last longer and, I admit, I'd been hoping to find something that looked a little better, too. Really, who likes carrying around those cheesy looking, paper bag style bags with narrow handles that hurt your hands? Sure you feel responsible and like you're doing a point because you're not contributing to the area landfill, but you sure don't feel like those bags decide to you look good otherwise. Well, folks, there is a choice. What i found is an ideal new product from Ecozuri that resembles a designer bag and comes using a treasure chest of bonuses. Not only do my new reusable shopping bags garner compliments and inquiries because excellent so good, I recieve to shock people by telling them they're made from recycled plastic. Yes, I really have told people who. These bags are strong (holding up to 50 pounds each), they're machine washable, they fold up and tuck away into next to nothing, they a great eye-pleasing built in reminder system so i don't forget them, and the company that makes them gives 10% of profits back to underprivileged kids in rural Africa, helping them get an outstanding education that they would otherwise have total without. That's all great, but there's even more. If you're cost conscious like me, I looked at the price first. The 3-in-1 set, such as free reminder kit, was only $19.95. I did the comparisons, and found similar products for similar price but no nifty reminder kit and no contributions toward children's charitable organizations. I'll be giving these terrific little best buys out as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and graduations this year.
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