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news 'Time' innovates print magazine with augmented reality, Bill Gates edits AR cover story custom jewelry packaging

by:SWIFT     2019-10-02
Reading magazines on a tablet is one thing the digital age has brought us, but now printed books have found a way to hope to regain us. In the latest issue of TIME, you can use smart phone apps to turn pages into a visual augmentation of reality (AR). This is an interesting way to get prints back to us in a world away from paper sheets; in this world, most people read news and articles on smart phones. Interestingly, this part of the AR section was edited by Microsoft celebrity Bill Gates. Gates made a cover story about his encounter with Ethiopian boy Mohamad Nasir in 2012. This is a celebratory story because it involves the reduction of child mortality in Ethiopia and the world. Gates said: 'Child mortality is a good measure of overall well-being and an advance indicator of progress. What is more important than letting children survive? That way they can thrive and create the future.' The magazine's AR function is provided by RYOT Labs. RYOT Labs brought their virtual reality (VR) video to Sundance and released a comprehensive application for Windows MR. If this is not satisfied, the next issue of Time magazine, which will be published on January 15th, will publish an infographic made by Bono to show more AR functions. Yes, U2 Bono. He rightly emphasized the gender gap in education and was inspired by his own drawings. Bono hopes that we can see an educational world of equality between men and women and understand the current difficulties we face in this field. It is confusing that 'Time' is compatible with AR? Is this a way to celebrate the New Year, or is it a way for them to completely change the printed magazine in a new era? Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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