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news Plan Highlights and Tips for Corporate Flyer Design Printing

by:SWIFT     2019-09-22
Publicity albums are important advertising media in the company's public relations and communications. They are the medium for propaganda of corporate civilization and commercial characteristics, as well as the classic seasonings that build the influence of the company's image. Therefore, the planning of publicity albums should be based on the company’s own nature, philosophy, and civilization. It should pay attention to details and ideas, accurately reflect the characteristics of the company and its products, and then arrive to convey the company’s civilization and corporate spirit. Effect. However, the company is advocating the specific content of the book plan, how to do a good job of the company's promotional book plan, in this regard should pay attention to what? The corporate propaganda album is a graphic designer's goal of rationally arranging the three major constitutional relations of the propaganda picture screen and the visual relationship of the screen elements according to the customer's corporate culture and marketing strategy. Corporate promotional albums include three types: 1. Display-type promotional brochures. We use promotional brochures showing corporate profiles, corporate spirit, corporate honors, and quality management. This is suitable for stable development-oriented companies. The general life cycle is two years. 2, solve the type of business. It attaches great importance to solving brand issues, public relations issues, and marketing issues. It is suitable for companies that have developed at a faster rate, have been listing new products, and have consistently introduced new products. The use of promotional brochures has also been relatively short. 3, thought-promotional album. This type focuses on ideological communication, establishes and enhances the influence of the public, and generally appears in central leading enterprises with a long life cycle. The corporate promotional album design is different from the general design. It must grasp the core cultural connotation of the enterprise, highlight its market competitiveness, and demonstrate the overall style of the enterprise. The work includes the design of corporate and product brochures, sample designs, and corporate annual report designs. The most basic of a good propaganda book design is to reflect the requirements of customers and show the characteristics of the products. This requires the designer to do a good job of communicating well with customers in the early stage of design. The preparatory work includes: collecting and organizing the company's introduction, corporate appearance, business positioning, and organization settings. Secondly, we should pay attention to the communication with customers, and express our thoughts and ideas to customers and see their views on this concept. Finally, according to the characteristics of the company to design, delivery is completed on schedule. In the design of corporate propaganda albums, imitation, copying, and hastily rushed events are absolutely indispensable. This not only fails to promote the company, but also has a negative impact on the business. In the first step of designing promotional brochures, you should determine the structure, catalog, format, and style of the propaganda book you want to design according to the characteristics of the company itself. What is more, it is based on the results to determine the design style, expression form, layout, and color tone of the album. Avoid compressing the process to save money, leading to a decline in corporate brand status. The design of corporate promotional albums actually has its own design skills. As follows: 1. The cover is generous and beautiful. The appearance should be generous and beautiful, and the best display is very lavish. It can highlight or display the corporate image, making people feel very good. Some processes can also be used. Although the cost will be relatively high, but the effect can not be ignored. 2. Culture and strength: The publicity album is originally used to promote the enterprise, emphasizing the brand culture and economic strength of the company. This requires a combination of graphic and text, promotion of the company's culture (the history of the company, its purpose, etc.), and display of the company’s Strength (honor, construction scale, products, equipment, execution, etc.), depicting the company's bright prospects (corporate planning, etc.), attracting readers' attention, and increasing readers' attention to the company. 3, not too many pages: the inner page and not too much, as long as the best kept in 5-8 pages. And the text part should not be too much, it is best to illustrate with the picture. Concise language to achieve corporate publicity. 4. Increase the amount of information: If the company has media on some websites or what major deeds to promote, then what major website media should your company use to write up on the Internet so that if anyone is interested, they can go directly to the website or see When you go to television media, you will have a deeper memory of your company. This achieves the purpose of corporate publicity. 5, language is simple and clear, try to understand the language is simple and clear, do not like a big writer, after all, look at your company's publicity album is not the same as the cultural level. 6, the best color printing It is best to color printing, do not do black and white, this is a manifestation of the grade. 7. Paper Requirements In addition to considering the design and content layout factors, the printing of corporate publicity albums must also consider the printing of paper and printing technology, which will have a great influence on the promotion of the taste and quality of the publicity album. All in all, a good company promotional brochure is the intention of the designer of the demand and the supply of company data. The two communicate with each other to achieve consistency, and then produce a publicity album that best fits the company's image and can best display the company's characteristics! I believe that each company will have an excellent way to design its own business. This article is provided by the printing manufacturer - Printing and Worry-Free Design Printing Platform. Please indicate the source and hope to help you! Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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