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news Color Printing Post Finishing Tips

by:SWIFT     2019-10-01
The development of color printing in the domestic market is getting better and better. The color printing market in foreign countries is also very good! With the development of the color printing industry, the color printing surface treatment after printing becomes more and more important in packaging solutions production in Central China. The success or failure of the current color printing market competition depends to a large extent on the packaging solutions of goods, and the quality of the packaging solutions materials is determined by the quality of surface treatment after printing. Therefore, we can say that post-print surface treatment is an important technical means for improving the packaging solutions quality and strengthening the competitiveness of the commodity market. The commonly used color printing and post-printing surface treatment technologies include: 1. Other special processing technologies In recent years, there have been many special printing and post-printing technologies for color printing prints, and the development of faster printing tools. Common surface coating (also known as glue spray), surface frosting (also known as sanding, that is, in the color printing printing surface uniformly grinding sand points), embossing embossing, embossing (concave) or referred to pressure Shaped printing tool. All of these new color printing and finishing technologies have seen more central China in high-end packaging solutions for daily use. Especially the exquisite handicrafts, cigarettes and common packaging solutions materials on the market. 2. Calendering The calendering is a finishing process after glazing the prints, and some direct calendering technology is directly applied to high-grade paper products. The calendering of printed products is due to the natural leveling and drying of gloss materials, which is not ideal for gloss. For some fine prints, calendering equipment consumables must be used. The equipment used is a calender, and many calenders use a printing technology in conjunction with a glossing machine. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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