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my review of the black peel-off face mask with charcoal by corpore sanctum studio

by:SWIFT     2020-03-23
Hello, dear readers!
As you might have guessed from the title, I went back to another product review from WEEE Sanctum Studio.
I \'ve previously reviewed the skull stem cell facial serum in my previous post and talked a little bit about corporate values and ethics, which you can find here if you haven\'t checked yet.
I \'ve been using it every day since I received my skull stem cell facial serum and I have to say the results are incredible.
So, of course I want to bring their other product into my life.
This time, I will share my thoughts and experience with their black skin mask to treat acne and skin prone to blackhead disease with charcoal.
CharcoalI knows that the Internet has been crazy for all charcoal-related things for a while.
From tooth whitening powder and toothpaste to unusual food creations and beauty products, so it\'s not surprising that you get hundreds of results when you search for \"charcoal face mask.
I\'m sure, like me, you \'ve seen many of these black peeling masks, which are said to be \"removing impurities from your skin\" and \"creating miracles\" but only to find out
Of course, except to make a mess.
Knowing all of this, you are likely to be skeptical about trying out a similar product, trust me, just as I like the WEEE Sanctum Studio, and I\'m a little worried.
I mentioned in my previous post that CS Studio offers completely natural, ethical and cruel free products, which of course is a huge attraction for many people, including me.
The black peel mask is no exception, so you can make a purchase without considering how to create it.
AimI recently received my black peel mask and I can\'t wait to try it out as someone who is very obsessed with the mask.
The CS Studio black peel mask is designed to purify and soothe the problematic skin with its unique bamboo and Charcoal ingredients.
High quality clay helps to clear pores so that the skin looks smoother and healthier, and the appearance of pores and blackheads is significantly reduced.
My experience packaging is as well thought out as this company.
The simple and stylish black design allows the bottle to be mixed unobtrusively with the rest of the collection, and the action of the pump minimizes the confusion.
There are 30 ml products in the bottle, but it also pushes the product up, which ensures you make the most of what\'s inside.
After exfoliating and using my MiroPure brush to clean my face, I took a pat on my skin to dry and applied the Swire Sanctum Studio Black Peel with the applicator brush
Although the instructions suggest that the product be specifically applied to the affected T-
Area area, I chose a comprehensive facial application because I usually find my skin affected by pore enlargement and impurities.
Although the instructions say that a thick layer should be applied, or even a mask, I was initially shocked at how many layers I applied on my skin, which worried me about 25-
30 minutes time frame.
Thankfully, I don\'t need to worry because no matter how generous the app of the product is, I was pleasantly surprised to find it much faster than expected.
After trying the charcoal stripping mask in the past, the stripping stage is usually the final stage of disappointment, but for the CS Studio Mask, my experience is completely different.
When I started removing the mask, I noticed that it was a direct difference from all the other masks I had tried.
First of all, it takes some effort and tingling to get rid of this one holding on to your skin, but not so uncomfortable (
This is actually a rather enjoyable experience).
Most importantly, when I was removed, I immediately noticed that almost all the impurities on my skin were gone and my face became very smooth and fresh.
I followed the process with skull serum to balance the skin pH and skin tone.
If you want to get one of these masks (
I strongly encourage you to do so)
Then go to the website of the San Diego studio to place an order!
The Mask retails for only £ 12 but is now available for £ 7.
90 makes it worth the money and they are also very generous in offering free samples every time they buy!
If you place an order, I would be happy to hear your thoughts and experience with this mask in the comments section below.
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