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by:SWIFT     2019-09-24
Abstract: The abrasion resistance of the ink layer is an important reference index to check the print quality of the paper prints, and it is related to whether the information represented by the print can be accurately conveyed. This article uses the printed paper box as a sample, using Labthink blue light MCJ-01A friction tester to test the wear resistance of the ink layer, and through the equipment principle, scope of application and parameter information, test process and other simple content The introduction provides a reference for companies to test the wear resistance of paper and other printed materials. Keywords: abrasion resistance, printed matter, ink layer, friction tester, paper, carton, label 1, meaning paper prints are often in contact with everyday life, such as cartons, cartons for packaging solutions products, various types of newspapers, books , labels, calendars, business cards, etc., the quality of these products in addition to the printing process, ink quality, printing environment and other factors, and paper smoothness, ink absorption, flexibility, surface strength, moisture content and other factors Are closely related, if these factors are not properly controlled, it will affect the print quality of the paper. Abrasion resistance is an important aspect of the quality of paper prints. If the wear resistance of the ink layer is poor, during the transportation, storage, and use of paper prints, the ink layer is blurred and the printed parts are worn out. The phenomenon of shedding occurs, which not only affects the appearance of the product, reduces the product grade, but also hinders the communication of the information expressed in the printed script or pattern, and may be misleading to consumers. Therefore, the abrasion resistance of the ink layer of the paper print cannot be ignored. Figure 1 Common Paper Prints 2. Test Samples The test uses a product packaging solutions carton as a test sample. 3. Test basis The test process is based on GB/T 7706-2008 'Toppan Decorative Print'. 4. Test equipment The test used the MCJ-01A friction tester independently developed by Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. to test the wear resistance of the sample. Figure 2 MCJ-01A Friction Tester 4.1 Test Principle The Friction Tester is developed to simulate the friction that may be encountered in the actual transportation and use of the test sample. Place a certain size of load block on the friction paper and the sample, so that the two There is a certain amount of friction between the two. By setting the friction speed and the number of frictions, the sample is subjected to the required friction, and the abrasion or color density of the ink layer before and after abrasion is compared with the naked eye or a reflection densitometer to obtain the abrasion resistance of the sample. performance. 4.2 Equipment Parameters The friction pressure is 20±0.2N, the friction speed is 43 times/min, the friction area is 155mm×50mm, and the number of friction can be set in the range of 0~999 times. 4.3 Scope (1) The device is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of printing ink layers of paper prints. It can effectively analyze the problems of poor rub resistance, ink drop, etc. of prints. It can also be used to test the wear resistance of photosensitive layers of PS plates. Analyze the problem of low printing resistance of the PS plate. (2) The equipment meets the requirements of the national standard GB7706. 5, the test process 5.1 from the surface of the sample to be sampled 230mm × 50mm sample, and the sample is fixed on the device's friction table. 5.2 Use a reflection densitometer to test the color density of the ink layer on the surface of the sample. 5.3 The friction paper is fixed on the weight block and placed on the sample. 5.4 Set the number of friction and start the test. The weight block moves the friction paper back and forth on the surface of the sample according to the set amount of friction. 5.5 After the friction was over, the color density of the ink layer on the surface of the sample was measured again using a reflection densitometer to calculate the abrasion resistance of the sample. 6. Test results The abrasion resistance of the ink layer of the carton sample tested in this test was 96%, and the wear resistance was good. 7. Conclusion Good ink layer abrasion resistance is one of the important conditions for ensuring the good appearance of paper prints in the circulation process, the ink layer does not fall off or grind, and is an important reference to reflect the printing quality. From the test process of this article, it can be seen that the test of the performance is relatively simple, the test equipment is easy to operate, the test time is short, and the wear resistance of the printing ink layer can be quickly and accurately verified. Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in production, R&D and testing of packaging solutions testing equipment. Since its establishment, it has been committed to provide high-end precision testing equipment and intimate and efficient inspection services for various industries. Currently, it can provide The equipment and testing services include the barrier properties, physical and mechanical properties, and hygienic properties of the packaging solutions. The areas covered include the plastics and packaging solutions materials manufacturing industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the daily chemical industry, and third-party testing. Institutions and colleges and other industries, to understand the relevant testing equipment and services, you can visit the Jinan Languang view! The more you understand, the more trust! Labthink expects to enhance technology exchanges and cooperation with enterprises and institutions in the industry! Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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