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by:SWIFT     2019-10-01
Guixi plate color printing machine | gravure printing machine manufacturers, operating personnel every time before starting the machine, you must first understand the flatbed color printing machine in the operating range, connected to gas source and power supply, and check the operation of the instrument, normal operation can be put into production use. Please try to keep the flatbed printer equipment clean. If dirt appears, wipe it with a soft, clean dry cloth. If dirt is difficult to remove, wipe with these neutral detergents, but do not wipe with alcohol or thinner. By setting up multiple workbenches, flatbed color printing machines not only increase R&D and production power levels, but also increase the flexibility of R&D design arrangements, which is conducive to production management and economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary for the printing technicians to regulate the operation. With the continuous improvement of society, flatbed color printing machines are mainly used in all walks of life. Many machines in our daily life can be used. Many manufacturers may soon realize that the machine will show certain problems. In our daily routine, we do not pay due attention to maintenance. In severe cases, it may also lead to a reduction in the life cycle of the machine. In fact, the daily use and maintenance of the screen printing machine requires a lot of attention. The following screen printing machine manufacturers share the flatbed printing machine for everyone. What are the daily maintenance? Flatbed printing machine screen version of the general treatment of pollution is not to prevent pollution, usually when the printing work is generally artificial factors accounted for a large part. Improving workplaces is conducive to high-quality printing. Pursuing the high quality of screen printing, as a screen printing machine worker, it should first have the correct quality concept. Others should have good work practices. Similar workplaces should be kept clean and all appliances should be well maintained. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, brushes may not be used when cleaning the workplace so as not to cause dust to fly. The very low temperature of the very low probability should also lead to the failure of some of the original electrical equipment on the device, so that the printing press should not be able to operate normally after the opening of the machine. There are some original damages that are even irreversible. It is not easy to guarantee the temperature in the workshop during the holiday period. It is better to return the temperature from the workshop to a certain degree before the official opening of the machine, and to maintain this temperature for a certain period of time so that the electrical components in the electrical control cabinet can recover the temperature. After starting the machine, the chances of equipment failure after the holiday period all have a certain decline. O56q7ds photoelectric control feeding, receiving material to avoid scratches on the surface of the substrate, can increase the printing quality. The use of Japanese brand precision regulators, high precision eye. The machine is equipped with a dust removal roller to remove dust from the material. The machine is equipped with an off-grid function to prevent sticking when printing large-area background colors and printing glue. This machine adopts three-stage suction device, which can implement strong wind, weak wind and close regulation according to the requirements of printing materials. The company mainly has a complete set of advanced flatbed printer R & D and production equipment and advanced industrial production technology, specifically a high-quality R & D production management and quality management team, flatbed color printing machine strictly in accordance with advanced quality standards implementation of design and production. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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