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message Ancient Painting Collections Beware of Prints

by:SWIFT     2019-10-01
With the rapid warming of domestic auctions of calligraphy and painting, especially the entry of ancient paintings and calligraphy " Million Times "A variety of falsified paintings and tricks have also emerged. Especially in the last year or two, "High-fidelity calligraphy and painting prints The " tricks are common in the market. Many prints have already flown into big shots. "Pretentious prints " has become a fairly common phenomenon in the industry. Some companies even shoot more than 10% of prints. The technology of high-simulation painting and calligraphy itself was originally developed as a product to facilitate learning, copying, and research of painting and calligraphy enthusiasts. During the period of the Republic of China, a large number of simulation paintings used lithographic printing and Milon printing techniques. At that time, fine prints were now available to us in recent years. " Ancient Books "See you from time to time in the auction. Rong Bao Zhai invented according to the ancient Chinese engraving and printing technology "Wooden watermark " Through the three steps of tracing, engraving, and printing, the ink penetrating principle is used to display the ink stroke rhyme. With simple techniques and complicated operating techniques, various kinds of calligraphy and painting products are reproduced and reproduced with high simulation. Because the raw materials and mountings used for the paper, ink, and color are the same as those of the original, the finished product of the woodblock watermark has the effect similar to that of the original, and it can be confusing. In the 1970s, the Taipei Imperial Palace had commissioned Japan " Second Life Society "Exclusive copying of the representative ancient Chinese paintings and paintings since the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Japanese experts experienced 20 years of work, specialized in the development of large-scale cameras, the same proportion of photography and multi-color printing technology, and the use of special The paper and paper, from the brushstrokes, ink, and old-fashioned sense of life, have faithfully restored the appearance of the original work, the subtleties of production, and the high artistic value, which are unmatched by any kind of painting and calligraphy simulation technology in history. " First Authenticity " can't be overstated. After Japan’s Seimei Society, the research and development of high-simulation printing technology for painting and calligraphy in China mainly consisted of Yachang Culture Company and St. Rainbow Cultural and Art Development Co., Ltd. Yachang uses a unique three-dimensional scanning technology to record the three-dimensional data of the painting. Its pixels can reach a maximum of 380 million, which is technically superior. According to size and production difficulty, the price is in the range of several million to over ten thousand yuan. Wait. In 2008, Yachang had launched five high-simulation art exhibitions. Immediately afterwards, during the spring auction of a certain auction company, Yachang also opened a special exhibition area to show its advanced high-level simulation technology of ancient paintings. I have so far impressed by Ming Dynasty painter Shen Zhou's 'chicken', the simulation effect can be called vivid. In 2009, St. Rainbow also jointly launched with the Tianjin Museum. "Dan Qing Zhong Bao--The First Museum Collection of Chinese Ancient Paintings & Treasures Emulational Art Exhibition.' Judging from the level of craftsmanship achieved in the country, it is not an exaggeration to completely confuse buyers at the auction market if they do not declare it as a printed matter. If you need to participate in ancient books related exchanges, please reply to [Rare Ancient Books] public number message: group chat Related Tags: custom food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bag manufacturers,
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