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message About the printing and processing skills of portable paper bags personalized plastic bags

by:SWIFT     2019-09-23
There are certainly many varieties of portable paper bags for hand bag processing. However, the vast majority of portable paper bags on the market are still rectangular, and the number of printed copies is not large. Usually the offset printing process is used to achieve printing. Its production process is relatively simple. Extensively adopted processes for offset printing and post-press processing can achieve production. However, if you can make improvements to the process for specific areas of the paper bag, you can save money. Reuse of Molded Plates In most environments, a portable paper bag is not a direct packaging solutions product. Instead, the product is first packed in a paper box or a plastic bag, and then placed in a portable paper bag to facilitate hand-carry and look elegant. The dimensional accuracy requirements for portable paper bags are often less strict than that of paper boxes. According to the characteristics of the portable paper bags, the author has made precise statistics on the length, width and height of the hand-made paper bags produced by the printing factory in accordance with the height of the hand-held paper bags. Classification number. For example, the height of the hand-held paper bag is between 25cm and 30cm, and the molded version of all the portable paper bags in this height category is numbered and stored sequentially, and the serial number is written on the record book. Corresponding to the die-cut version of the correct size (including length, width and height), the typesetting method of the molded version, the distance between the stamped version of the opening to the fold line at the handle, and when the customer prints the bag. Find the statistical table first, which is the best of similar size. If only a similar size of the paper bag, you can discuss with the customer whether it can be printed in a similar size, such as for the customer We use this size to make plates, print them, and then use the original mold plate to carry out the indentation process, which saves the cost and time for constructing the mold plate. For companies with large paper bag production, doing so can get a considerable economy. Benefits. To deal with the need to build a new molded version of the portable paper bag, the new molded plate should be linked to the same typesetting method as much as possible, and the distance from the same edge to the handle at the handle should be classified in real time. , to prepare for repeated use in the future. Related Tags: food packaging solutions bags custom, aluminum film bag manufacturers,
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