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mary kay unveils breakthrough research on the impact of antioxidants and vitamin c on skin health and appearance

by:SWIFT     2020-03-17
DALLAS —Mary Kay Inc.
As a global beauty company and leader in skin care innovation, continue to support Beauty and the scientific community by attending two global dermatology conferences this spring.
Mary Kay attended the prestigious Latin American Skin Association (RADLA)
In May 4-7, in Buenos, Argentina, findings related to the effects of contamination on skin health were reported.
The company will also sponsor the 77 annual meeting of the Institute of investigation dermatology (SID)
In Chicago, May 8-11, it will reveal its latest research on how five fruit extracts known to contain vitamin C contribute to the appearance of the skin.
During the 37 RADLA annual meeting, leading skin care experts from around the world held meetings to explore various topics, including the impact of external environmental intruders on skin health.
Mary Kay introduced the research on skin problems caused by diesel exhaust particles (DEP)
In the environment.
Continuing exposure to the DEP increases free radicals in skin cells, which will eventually affect premature signs of skin aging, and fortunately, such as dark spots and dim, mary Kay also introduced the discovery of an antioxidant complex that helps to delay premature signs of aging associated with the destruction of the DEP.
This breakthrough technology found in Mary Kay®Time. ®3D wonder set™Skin Care Collection with powerful free
Radical scheme with exclusive patentpending, three-
Three dimensional method of skin aging.
\"Mary Kay scientists have spent years researching the latest ingredient innovations to develop our latest skin care series that can withstand free radicals, and help to stress the car\'s exhaust gas and air pollution from an unavoidable environment and lifestyle, \"Dr.
Lucy Gildea, chief science officer, Mary Kay
When attending SID this week, Mary Kay\'s deputy chief scientist Tiffany Carr will show the collected new data when analyzing the effects of serum containing five known vitamin C-rich plant fruit extracts on skin appearance.
As part of this study, Mary Kay researchers treated artificial skin tissues with this serum and used genomics methods to understand how serum affects skin.
This genomic assessment reveals the involvement of four major genes that are important for skin hardness.
In addition, studies have shown that serum therapy increases the production of dermal matrix protein collagen and coat adhesion protein that support the hardness of the skin.
This study confirms how serum can help improve skin relaxation and texture.
Mary Kay\'s research and development team is composed of outstanding scientists who have doctoral degrees and other advanced degrees in skin biology, cell biology, chemistry, biochemistry and other disciplines.
This team of scientists is committed to ongoing breakthrough research and to sharing influential findings related to skin health with the entire scientific and beauty community.
\"Our R & D team is committed to developing technologies in our products so that we can help improve skin health and provide women around the world with the skin confidence they deserve,\" said Dr . \"Gildea.
\"Participating in events like RADLA and SID allows us to learn and share relevant research so that we can continue to deliver meaningful benefits and amazing products to consumers.
\"Every year, Mary Kay conducts thousands of scientific tests on products and ingredients to ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.
Mary Kay has more than 1,500 product, technology and packaging design patents in its global portfolio.
Recently, the company announced the creation of a state with more than $100 million --of-the-
Art manufacturing and R & D plant in Lewis Ville, Texas.
Mary Kay Ash, one of the original glass ceiling vandals, set up a beauty company 55 years ago with three goals: to provide women with beneficial opportunities to make irresistible products, make the world a better place.
This dream has grown into billions.
Dollar companies with millions of independent salespeople in nearly 40 countries.
Mary Kay is committed to studying the science behind beauty and to making cutting
Edge skin care, color cosmetics, nutritional supplements.
Through the Mary Kay Foundation, the company has donated $78 million to cancer research and domestic violence shelters.
Mary Kay Ash\'s original vision continues to shine
One lipstick at a time.
Contact Mary Kay
Company communications smarykay. Com/newsroom972. 687.
5332 or media @ mkcorp
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