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Marking And Coding Systems

by:SWIFT     2020-06-21
With an industrial printer for marking and coding, you can apply high-quality alphanumeric codes, logos and graphics to a quantity of surfaces at virtually any line speed, angle, or location on a product or package. Coding and marking printers offered on the market today include large and small character industrial ink jet printers, thermal transfer printers and laser coding options. All have the ability to produce reliable codes, like addresses, personalized messages, bar codes and serialized numbers, at today's production line speeds. Large Character Ink Jet Systems & Case Coding Solutions Two technologies bring 'drop on demand' printing with large or medium fonts: impulse jet (piezo and bubble jet printing) and valve jet (dot matrix printing). These systems are used primarily for box coding and case coding to provide production information vital for inventory and qc. Large character models and case coders often feature modular print head systems and simple integration into existing production lines. Thermal Ink Jet Systems Thermal ink jet printers mark services outer packaging directly with variable data such as best-before dates, barcodes, 2D DataMatrix codes, logos and batch volumes. These codes ensure continuous traceability and security against forgery within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry as well as in many other lines of industry. Users of thermal ink jet systems look for the variety of long decap times and short drying times. This makes printing easy on varnish-free surfaces of folded chipboard boxes and other paper substrates. Ideally, a printer will provide high quality print even after long printing breaks. Laser marking systems Laser marking systems deliver marking on almost any material and are an excellent choice for box coding and case coding. CO2 lasers are well-suited for marking pharmaceutical boxes, paper, cardboard and carton packages, PET containers, electronic/semiconductor devices, automotive parts and extruded products. These marking systems may use steered beam technology to give marking absolutely no degradation of print, even on high volume production lines. Common marks/codes include expiration and manufacture dates, ticket numbers, line codes, ID matrix and bar codes, serial numbers, batch and lot codes, contents and weight specifications. CO2 technology provides permanent laser coding in a very clear and easily legible quality, and ensures a clean working establishing. YAG lasers are also employed deal with marking and coding. Their own excellent beam quality, YAG lasers mark on metal, plastic along with other hard locations. Fiber lasers are one solution for marking and coding. Substantial mainly that are used to mark materials in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and tools sells.
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