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by:SWIFT     2020-07-06
As a food retailer, you provide shopping bags to their customers? Is your company unintentionally contribute to your litter problem in north america? Over the past twenty years, or polyethylene plastic shopping bags have become very common in the u . s of America. Although need less energy to produce, and they generate less solid waste than paper bags, plastic shopping bags are petroleum based and may last up to 1,000 years to decompose. Although clients are often repeated plastic shopping bags for lunch or picking up animal waste, the main is actually their final disposal to land fill or as litter along our alleys. A plastic bag on your store name floating along the wind is not a reliable advertisement for your business! According to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the regular American makes 2.3 trips to the store every week. As a normal user, if a home 5-8 bags for shopping, you are using 600 to 1,000 bags per year. Being a to deal with waste and garbage problems, some retailers suggested ideas regarding charging fees for each plastic bag used, in order to promote re-use by offering a small discount every bag brought into shop. Ireland has had good results with the tax scheme of taxation, to reduce plastic bag use 95% of the country since 2002. Remove your dilemma of plastic and paper to perform right thing for your environment! The successful implementation of a reusable bag system to use in your business, you will: * Reduce use of disposable bags, and assist the environment * Promote your business in affirmative, and generate sales * Encourage good will and customer loyalty and gaze after your business Reduce involving disposable bags Reduce regarding disposable bags will also reduce waste but also allows retailers to cut costs and area. However, encouraging customers to use reusable totes is a behavioral habit that in order to time adjust. Plastic bags are rooted in associated with of our commercial culture, and many consumers don't realize their impact on the environment. The successful implementation of reusable tote bag program in its retail business will require some operate. Clearly show their reusable tote bags near checkout. Generate a brochure explains its discount program every bag brought into the store, for example, 25 % discount on the purchase of this customer. With regards to customer oodles of flab . to play again bag advertising to make the business, most likely offer a heightened incentive to acquire their own individual tote, such because $ tips.00 store coupon. Variations in consumer attitudes takes time, patience and education. Over time, your reusable bag program, gain recognition and success.
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