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magnetic sheet: is it the power to heal? -

by:SWIFT     2019-12-13
In the world of health alternatives, there are many skeptics.Some people say this is a bunch of \"scammers \".\"Others swear by treatments and drugs like acupuncture, herbs, magnetic therapy, etc, the list is long and there are a lot of changes.
The magnetic sheet will be included in this \"edge\" type alternative healing device.Magnetic sheet therapy is to apply magnets directly to different parts of the body to relieve pain and speed up healing.There are different devices such as magnetic mattress pads, magnetic sheets or mattresses, magnetic insoles for shoes, magnetic jewelry, bracelets, magnetic earrings, magnetic rings and magnetic necklaces.
Many people look down on alternative drugs and treatments because their practices are rarely scientifically proven and even medical certificates are good for your health.This keeps many people away from these alternative therapies and potential pain and disease treatments.The magnetic film is no exception to this suspicion of alternative drugs.
Reality is to use magnets in daily life.
It includes a microwave, a TV, a computer and everything else.As people are increasingly concerned about the dangers of these devices and their relationship to cancer, birth defects, etc, how can we still use all of these electronic devices.Why are we going to run to do an MRI and put ourselves in a magnetic chamber designed to make the human body affected by a high-intensity magnetic field?As they often say, \"The evidence is in the pudding \".
Many people are willing to share their experiences with others, and the positive results and healing they receive are enough to interest many people.Several patients were tested with magnetic therapy in specific areas.Some patients received real magnets and others received only placebo.
The resulting test is conducive to treatment!Of those receiving real magnetic treatment, half reported a 50% reduction in pain levels, while those with placebo reported only a slight reduction in pain.Magnets have been used to relieve chronic pain for months.Some people who use this therapy say it doesn\'t work for them.
But for those who believe in their work, there are a lot of options on the market today.There are bracelets, shoe covers, mattresses and magnetic sheets.One of the most common uses of magnetic chips is for horses.
The promoter of the magnetic therapy says it provides relief to patients without using harmful drugs, chemicals and expensive drugs.They claim therapeutic benefits for cancer, vascular disease, infection, and chronic pain.Their theory is that when a small magnet is applied to the affected area, the chromosomes move within the cell, which helps to relieve acute and chronic pain.
Others sit in large metal magnetic boxes, which they say improve their comfort.Magnetic therapy has proved effective in the treatment of fractures.Applying direct magnetic rays to a fracture can significantly increase healing.
Many critics of magnetic therapy say there is a lack of evidence and scientific evidence.Although some studies have shown that it is true that the application of magnets by patients in a certain area will be alleviated.Critics still believe this is not evidence.
There is also no evidence of any damage to the magnet.Why not use them if it works for you?With the emergence of alternative drugs such as magnetic films, society will doubt them until medical proof is beneficial rather than harmful.However, people who also complain about unproven treatments tend to be reluctant to support research and development on these topics.
The magnetic field is generated from many sources, including the magnetic pull of the Earth, the solar storm, the wires, and even the chemical reactions in the body.I believe that if there is something that can bring healing, relief and health without any harmful side effects;Why don\'t you give it a try?If none of these alternative treatments worked, would there still be so many people using them?We cannot continue to believe in everything the doctor has told us and completely disregard the evidence that is potentially helpful to our physical problems
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