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knowledge Talking about Tobacco Packaging Printing Technique custom printed plastic bags

by:SWIFT     2019-09-29
At present, the competition in the tobacco label printing industry is very fierce. The cigarette factory's requirements for packaging solutions are also getting higher and higher. To get an invincible position, the cigarette pack printing factory has to constantly introduce new products. If pearl ink is used properly, it can Showing a lot of special effects. For the choice of printing methods, we must first analyze the product. Each product has different requirements for surface effects, some require coarse pearlescent pigments (pearlescent effect is obvious), some require fine pearlescent pigment particles (beautiful pearlescent effect), and for coarser pearlescent inks, the use of screen printing is better. Instead, use gravure. Because the pearlescent pigment particles used for screen printing are relatively large and the edges are rough, when the light is irradiated to the surface, the reflected light is more, and the color thereof is strengthened and brighter, resulting in a “shiny” effect, such as in Jiangxi Province. Nanchang cigarette factory 'Laoshan' smoke standard. For some special pearlescent pigments, when light strikes the surface, the interference color can be seen in the direction of the reflection angle. In the direction of the scattering angle, the complementary colors of the interference colors can still be seen because the light passes through the thin layer. For example, when printing black ink on pearlescent ink, due to the refraction effect of pearlescent pigments, the angle of reflected light is not the same, and the effect exhibited is also not the same, and the sense becomes blackish green. The choice of pearlescent ink is not the same, the performance of the effect is not the same, such as brown will become dark red. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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