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knowledge Several key tips for accelerating the drying of the ink film on prints product packaging boxes

by:SWIFT     2019-09-24
In fact, in the modern multi-color offset printing, even with good printing conditions and reasonable processes, it is difficult for the ink to be dried in time during the printing process or before the printing is completed. Therefore, we are in production. The following three methods are often used to accelerate the drying of the ink film or to prevent the back of the print from picking up. Dusting powder: dusting is a common method used in printing. It is an effective means for back-scratching caused by slow drying of the ink film. When the ink layer is thick, the amount of dusting powder can be appropriately increased, especially for substrates. When the surface has a small area of ​​dark tone or solid ink, more attention should be paid to increasing the amount of dusting. Generally, the amount of powder to be sprayed should be as small as possible in the effective range. Otherwise, the ink color of the printed matter will be affected. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the amount of dusting on products that require hot stamping and lamination. Drying rack: In the printing machine's delivery section adopts the method of layered delivery, that is, every 5 ~ 20cm (the thickness of the separated layer of paper can be adjusted according to the density of the substrate and the thickness of the surface ink layer, the density of the substrate When the thickness of the layer is large, the separated layer height should be appropriately reduced. The layered delivery is to prevent the unbleached ink film from being damaged under the weight of the paper, or the back surface felting. Shaking air: Printed products with poor surface absorption and thick ink film are generally dry slowly. Since the stacking of paper and oxygen in the air less interfere with the process of oxidation and drying, the paper is gently shaken to make it breathable at intervals. Increasing the contact between ink and air can effectively accelerate ink drying. Finally, let's review the key to the slow drying of the ink film on the surface of the control printed matter mentioned in this article, as well as some processing methods for the slow-drying prints: 1. Select the appropriate ink; 2. Use as little as possible in the printing process. Add and auxiliary agent; 3. Use dry oil in appropriate amount; 4. Control the amount of water in the layout and the pH of the fountain solution in printing; 5. Ensure the constant temperature and humidity in the environment is very important; 6. Control the thickness of the ink film; 7. dusting, drying rack, shake dry. So far we have analyzed some reasons for the slow drying of the ink film on the printed matter and some solutions when the ink is drying slowly. I hope to have some help for everyone. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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