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knowledge How can printers make life more colorful?

by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
Saying that we have chosen printing means that we have chosen loneliness and chose a hard-pressed life. How hard is the life of a printing person? We must have a good chat today. Someone also wrote a poem into the life of a printer to see if it just happened. Has been in the version of the dismantling version, but can not install the true pattern of life; has been coloring, but can not distinguish the color of life; has been adding ink, but not the center of life; has been correcting, but The other half of life cannot be found; All of these are true portraits of the printers. They live a dull life every day. They are doing repetitive work in silence, constantly lingering between the machine and the machine, and spinning between ink and color. Although in the workshop, it can be free and unrestrained, but feel free to feel helpless, full of enthusiasm and ambition, can only be played against the cold machine, there is no other stage for play. Sometimes the work has clearly been done well and I thought I would be praised by the boss or the leader. In return, it was 'How did you make this kind of ghost?' Is it that printing people can only be so obscure and hard-pressed to finish this life? of course not! The 'Quality Answering Platform for Printing Technology' launched by the US-India Group Standard Network provides a stage for the general public to realize their self-worth. If you have a skill, you can make the printing life go from hard to hard. Why do you say this because here: 1. Your knowledge and technology will be respected. If you are a plate maker and you accumulate a lot of long-term work experience, you know that when sensitizing glue is prepared, the effect of dissolving the sensitizer powder with distilled water of no more than 38°C is best, so you use it every time. Warm distilled water. When you apply this experience to your own work, everyone will think it is right because it is in itself what you should know. No one will think of how valuable your experience or technology is. However, in the printing technology sharing platform, when others encounter problems like “when the sensitizer powder is not easily dissolved when preparing sensitized adhesives”, you can share your printing experience and skills by answering questions from others. Peer to help peers solve real problems in their work. When your answer is adopted, your knowledge and technology are respected accordingly. 2, you can get the industry's attention, peer recognition. In the small and medium-sized printing companies, technicians basically do their work in obscurity. Only the colleagues around you know who you are. Even if the skills are excellent and the finished products are good, the company is famous. It is difficult for individuals to cause the industry. Attention and attention. The printing technology sharing platform provides an open, direct-to-the-industry stage for printers. As long as you have enough professional abilities and have your own unique insights, you can tell the head of a subdivided problem and have practical help for your colleagues. Even if you just make it clear, what is the temperature and humidity requirement in the label storage environment? Such a small problem can cause crowds to be onlookers and win the industry's attention and peer recognition. 3, you can get extra economic benefits. In the printing technology sharing platform, in addition to being rewarded with respected, focused, and recognized spiritual benefits, additional economic benefits can be obtained. There are two kinds of problems in the platform: paid and free. If you answer the payment question and the answer is adopted, you can get 10-100 yuan worth of rewards. Daily use of meals, lunch breaks and other free time, to answer questions on the platform can easily earn extra money, so that they have more income, live better, why not? Having said so much, how can the printer use the printing technology sharing platform to achieve self-worth? Now pay attention to the [American-Indian group standard] to enter the free 'question and answer' system, you can open your life trip. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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