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knowledge Ancient color printing

by:SWIFT     2019-10-01
The engraving can be used not only for printing books, but also for early printing, especially the illustrations in the book. Qingren Xu Kang's 'The Foreground Dream Record' said: 'The ancients to map, book and said, where the book must have a map.' Therefore, the use of so-called 'books.' Due to the advent of lithography, it used to rely on handwriting, and then it was replaced by more and more engraved prints, and the illustrations in the book were also published. The woodblock watermark (ancient color print printing) watermark calligraphy and painting is a Chinese traditional unique print art. It integrates painting, sculpture and printing. It displays ink strokes based on the principles of ink-in-ink penetration. It can be used to create works of art that embody their own characteristics, and can also realistically reproduce various kinds of Chinese calligraphy and painting. Woodblock watermark calligraphy and painting has a long history in China. Far away in the Tang Dynasty, monochrome woodblock printing has reached a considerable level. After Ming Wanli, with the popularity of popular literary novels and operas, the technique of Huizhou's prints reached the highest peak. However, the white and black characters still cannot be monotonous, so some people came up with the colors on the pictures. The banyan arch flowers were originally painted in several colors on the same carving plate. For example, they were painted in red on the flowers, green on the leaves, and ochre colored on the branches. However, it was confusing to print out. Therefore, each color is further engraved with a piece of wood, and printed one by one in order. This is because it must first be carved into small pieces and put together in a small piece.饾 拱 拱 拱 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 饾 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很 很. A picture is often engraved with thirty to forty editions and successively printed sixty to seventy times. To put a flower or a leaf, to distinguish the depth of color, yin and yang back, looks like the Northern Song Dynasty people no bone painting method. The paintings reproduced in this way are best for the true nature and spirit of the Chinese paintings in the newspapers, because the paints and rice paper used are all the same for the original paintings and have the characteristics of national art. ▼ 饾版拱花 This kind of 饾版 printing is a big leap forward in the history of printing. It was very successful in the early years of the 17th century. Since this art is always based on manual work, China is now inherited and developed purely as a non-material cultural heritage. The woodblock watermark 'Yantangshanhua' woodblock watermark was created by the Chinese Ming Dynasty Shizhu Zhaihu Zhengyan. "饾版拱花 "The technique of overprinting is based on the coarse, slender, short, straight, and soft and dry, color-coded shades, shades, cold, warm, and hue of the handwriting. It is carved into several plates and then compared with the original ones. Deep to shallow, superimposed one by one on a stroke-by-stroke basis, trying to force Shaw's original work to be precise and accurate. After the old version of the woodblock watermark, Hu's and Wu's method of arching flowers was to emboss the engraving on paper and press the white paper into a protruding pattern. This is like using a stamp, which is a kind of Five-color printing. Use it to set off the veins of flowing water, white clouds and flowers in the painting, which is even more elegant and elegant. Gonghua 'Jade Bamboo Spread' works - wood watermark process - wood watermark this pure hand-printing process hook (sub-version), carved (plate making), printing (printing) and other basic process procedures carved, shaved, scooped, Describe special skills, such as pens, knives, brushes, targets, paintings, water, and other materials as the basic woodblock watermarking tools, in order to pursue the restoration of the traditional art style, brushwork, and vividness. In the case where the original work is not expected to be the same, let the work show the original brushwork and “painting”. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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