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by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
The printing industry has summed up a great deal of skills. Let's share two or three things here. 1, do a small tag need to roll box, punch something, pay attention, try not to design the outer border. This is because if the layout is slightly misaligned when rolling boxes, there will be cases where one side is large and the other is small. 2, newspapers, adhesive tape printing design should pay attention to newsprint and adhesive tape are more ink, so in addition to pay attention to the number of screens out of the film, we must also pay attention to, in the production of the corresponding reduction in color, such as doing newspapers In the manuscript, you need to see 30 shades of gray. Then when you make it, you set the grayscale to about 24, which is printed on some grey newsprint. The actual effect is equivalent to 30 shades of gray. (Double) Adhesive paper is slightly whiter than newsprint. The adjustment of color can be lower than that of normal copperplate printing, and it is higher than the newspaper draft. It depends on experience and feeling. 3, the graphics color mode must be CMYK or grayscale. 4, if you need a large area of ​​pure black base color map, it is recommended to use K: 100, C: 30, this kind of black printing is brighter than the black one, and because the existence of the blue version can make up for the false printing of the black hole . Of course, this value is not fixed. I once made an off-the-post poster with K:100, C:80. This is because the area is too large and the press speed is so fast that it is difficult to put the color in real terms. So the value increases accordingly. Also, if there is a warm color pattern on the entire image and the edges are feathered, or there is warm and transparent, etc., then the value is adjusted according to the actual main warm tone, such as K:100, M:60, Y:70, This pattern transition is very comfortable, not as strange as K:100. This phenomenon can be seen in the PHOTOSHOP trial. 5. Anti-white or anti-white thin lines on the noise pattern. When choosing the font (or the number of pounds of the line), be careful not to use overly detailed fonts such as imitations, thin circles, etc., and try to use fonts with obvious lines such as black body and official script to avoid inaccurate layouts. Text or lines cannot be seen clearly. Case. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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