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by:SWIFT     2019-10-03

Consumers For Gift Package The design requirements have also become more and more. Some require green packaging solutions, some require exquisite high-end packaging solutions. Different users have different requirements for packaging solutions, some want excellent prices, and some must have good quality. For different users, Gift Package How can a box be designed? The design of the box should be as good as it can be, finding the user, understanding the user's requirements, and designing the gift box that the user likes.

With the rapid development of economy, rising living standards, the pursuit of quality, personalized, and exclusive Gift Box Packaging is gradually approaching our lives, and factors such as gender and age will have a direct impact on consumer shopping choices.

Therefore, in order to obtain better sales, some packaging solutions gift box custom manufacturers design different packaging solutions for different genders and age groups, allowing consumers to more intuitively and more detailedly understand the products and achieve a fast and accurate marketing model.

Today, we come to see how we can design the gift box according to different people. " Going well ":

With the rise of children’s status in the family, children’s "Quality of Life " is also rapidly increasing, and gifts for children are becoming more expensive and trendy. In order to match gifts, attention should be paid to the shape, color, and pattern of the gift box. At this stage, children’s thirst for knowledge and imitation are strong. Attention is not concentrated, and the level of abstract thinking is not high; therefore, the colors should be sharp and varied, and the patterns should be sharply changed, deformed, or exaggerated, such as various cartoon images. Packing to minimize the edges and corners to avoid harming children's body.

For the middle-aged and elderly people, our packaging solutions design should meet the needs of the market and consumers, and the gift packaging solutions design is because they are relatively picky about gift packaging solutions. They are both practical and artistic, and they are both scientific and popular. Middle-aged people are quick to respond to things, and all kinds of new information are captured quickly. They like to be creative and imitate. Therefore, the packaging solutions of gifts must be varied in design, color, and pattern to avoid obsolescence and rigidness. The needs of young people.

When we design a gift box for women, we should consider the different standards for appreciation of gift packaging solutions between women and men; women pay more attention to details on gift packaging solutions appreciation, and women’s psychology tends to be softer and richer in packaging solutions design. Such as pink, orange, etc., highlighting the artistic and epidemic; gift packaging solutions can also be accompanied by a ribbon tied into a bow and so on.

When designing a gift box for a product for the elderly, the design should be simple and dignified, easy to carry, use, and have certain tradition and practicality. Gifts for the elderly are mostly food supplements. The packaging solutions should be simple and clear.

When customizing a gift box for a man, we must take into account the characteristics and preferences of men when designing. For example, men are born with energy, pride, ruthlessness, dignity, and generosity. They are also scientific and practical. Therefore, when designing, we must consider that the color of the packaging solutions that we use can be selected from cool colors such as black and dark blue. Except for festive gifts, the accessories should also be coordinated with the packaging solutions materials, with leaf-shaped accessories attached.

Consumer demand for gift boxes has also increased. Some gift packaging solutions designs require green packaging solutions, and some require sophisticated packaging solutions.

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