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jewellery packaging boxes Talking about the printing skills of Spring Festival SWIFT

by:SWIFT     2019-09-21
First, the main material. Red paper, XS-1 diazo sensitizer, XS-1 diazo film solution, 240 mesh nylon mesh, fat glue paint, electro-aluminum hot stamping foil. Second, the version box production. According to the size of the Spring Festival couplet, the size of the frame must be determined. The inner diameter of the frame should be 5 cm larger than the size of the cutting paper. You can use 3 x 5 cm wood strips to scrape off the surface of the frame at a distance of 1-1.5 cm. A 0.5 cm deep slot is made of wooden strips in accordance with the width and depth of the slot. Then the nylon screen is cut, and the nail is pressed into the slot by a small nail on the nylon mesh screen. The nailed screen plate is washed with clean water and dried. Third, scrape sensitive adhesive. In the dark room with a red light, the appropriate amount of XS-1 diazo photoresist into the lower plane of the plane of the screen, with an organic glass triangle ruler scraping up, so that the film evenly distributed mesh surface, to achieve both thin and flat quasi. Fourth, draw a draft. The black and white draft is the most critical process of the plate making process. If there is no calligraphy basis, you can find some exquisite Spring Festival couplets and patterns. You can also use the computer to type the shape. Then place it on the desktop and cover it with a piece of equal size glass. The depiction of ink in ink must be fully described, and the inspection should be performed on the light. Fifth, exposure. Take a sponge with an outer diameter equal to the outside diameter of the card frame and a plane thickness of 2 cm or more. Put the sponge into the concave surface of the screen first, then put the plywood on the sponge, and turn it over. Then put the combined black and white ink with the ink face down and balance. Place it on the plane of the network card and clamp it tightly around the top and bottom to prevent lateral running. You can get outdoor exposure for 1-3 minutes. Then immediately bring the screen back to the dark room, remove the black and white drafts, sponges, and plywood. Quickly wash the screen with warm water at 60°C for 3 minutes. The base and pattern will be clear. Sixth, printing. Place the finished screen plate with the concave surface facing up and position the hinge on the workbench plate, take 30 sheets of cut red paper into the screen plate, and align it with the part of the screen base pattern of the screen plate. After the paint has been mixed well, the appropriate amount of the paint is blended into the concave end of the screen, and the rubber scraper can be used to scrape it to the right and left. Each scrape to one side, that is, one printing is completed, and the printed product is removed. analogy. After the printing is finished, use the gasoline to scrub the screen for use at the next time. Seven, sticky gold. Place a top quality rubber sheet on a flat, pressure-resistant work bench. The electro-aluminum hot stamping foil is cut according to the size of the printed scroll. After the Spring Festival couplets to be printed are left to stand for about 20 minutes, the aluminum foil stamping foil can be firmly attached to the character-based pattern parts of the printed scroll, and then the towel can be compacted without any error until 24 to 26 hours. After the paste of aluminum foil can be removed to sell. If you want to replace the new word pattern, you can use the brush dip XS-1 diazo solution on the positive and negative sides of the screen, wait 5 minutes after the old film off on their own, and then rinse with water, you can re-scrape the sensitive adhesive Exposure, get a new screen, and then re-plate. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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