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jewellery packaging boxes Publicity Brochure Design Printing - How Should Enterprises Reduce Printing Costs of Publicity Materia

by:SWIFT     2019-09-28
Book printing plays a more and more important role in company promotion, brand culture promotion, etc. A good corporate image book printing brochure can be very attractive to consumers, so many companies want to use the album printing To carry out corporate culture publicity, it is necessary to know the cost situation of the album printing before selecting the album printing, and what methods can be taken to reduce the cost of the album printing. This article will cover the layout of the book printing, cover size, album decoration, binding materials and options Appropriate picture book printing and other aspects of the cost control. Reasonable layout design When the album is printed in the design draft, the size of the body font, the density between the lines, the width of the blank space around the title, the line of the title, and the blank line are all related to the cost of the album. From these aspects, the cost of the company's book printing may be reduced. Of course, paper materials can also be saved as much as possible to reduce the cost of pictures. To reasonably determine the cover size of the company's book print design cover, the book should be based on the finished product size, spine thickness and size of the mouth to design. In the design of the size of the mouth, usually without wasting paper for easy printing, the mouth can be slightly larger Some of them are more than 30mm. However, some cover designers do not understand the paper specifications, the number of openings, and the performance of the printing press. When designing the cover, they do not fix the size of the mouthpiece according to the number of paper sheets. After the platemaking, they often do not meet the requirements of the paper size specification and cause waste. . Reasonable decoration Most companies now need to cover the film after printing the cover of the book, thus increasing the cost of the film. Some cover and front and rear ring lining design is relatively simple, to print a few spot colors, the amount of printing is not large, plate-making can consider making copper-zinc version, printing can be used plate machine printing, because the album printing is a single small sheet printing, can be Flowers can also be cut into small sheets with scraps of paper. This can increase the utilization of paper, and the cost of making a printed book can also be reduced. Reasonable choice of binding materials When selecting hard cover materials, the use of leather, cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other fabrics should be controlled. Use tough paper, paint paper or lacquer cloth as much as possible instead of special requirements. Avoid as much as possible. Use real gold foil as hot stamping material, and use electro-aluminum, color film, etc. instead, to reduce the company's catalog printing costs. The main consumption of the book printing is on the paper, so the rational use of paper can save the cost to a great extent, so what are the tips to save the paper cost in the paper selection process? Choose the right paper grade In recent years, after the wave of pursuing high-end paper and multi-color printing, many album printing companies use light-coated paper as a sub-grade paper, and the use of paper tends to be low-quantitative, and a reasonable selection of paper grades is required for different requirements. To save costs. Paper should be suitable for its content Book printing must adhere to the content is king, the form of content service. In the same way, the book printing company paper also needs to match its content. For example, the use of paper for serious book printing cannot be advertised. Lively and stylish book printing should use brighter paper. The use of paper should be suitable for different readerships. From the perspective of suitable readers, high-grade paper can be used for the album printing services for high-income class readers. For the general readers, the paper should be saved as much as possible. The above is the introduction of Printing and Worry-Free Design Printing Manufacturers for everyone and how to start from many aspects to reduce the cost of the company. I hope we can provide you with reference. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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