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japan award for graphic design student

by:SWIFT     2020-03-10
First City University college has been at the forefront of education for nearly 30 years, and has a good record in cultivating market graduates. Industry Ready
Relevant and highly sought after-
After the employer
In line with its vision of developing globally competitive graduates, it encourages students to participate in academic and sports competitions at the national, national and international levels.
In many cases, students from the first city university college have successfully won family Awards from these competitions.
For example, students from the School of Design and Architecture environment have won many design awards both locally and overseas.
The most recent achievement was obtained by Zoe Tan Zhi. Min, a second-
Annual students from BA (Hons)
Graphic design scheme.
Her award is Tham.
Tham, 18, won the Japan Foundation Award in 2018 Asian student packaging design competition (Aspac)Held in Tokyo.
Of the 32 players from 10 Asian countries, she is the youngest.
The theme of this year\'s Aspac is \"innovation \".
Tham created a triangular orange juice packaging design called the orange juice SAC, which deviates from the conventional juice packaging due to its more interesting nature.
Tham\'s design has wings as a locking system that enables each package to connect to each other and form a circle.
\"The juice packaging on the current market is predictable and similar in shape.
\"I want to go out of the box and create a unique shape,\" she said . \".
It took her two weeks to conceive the idea and design, and the orange juice packaging made her feel the best canvas.
\"It took me three weeks to be happy with the final product,\" she added . \".
2018 the design of Aspac is judged by Japanese industry experts and exhibited in the excellent design of Marunouchi in Ginza.
Tham\'s design attracted the attention and interest of the Japanese Foundation, one of the main sponsors of the event, which won her a prize of 30,000 yen (RM1,134)
Medals and certificates.
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