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info 'Keyboard Man' word skills! There is no such thing as an expert in the printing room. Surprisingly! zip lock plastic bags

by:SWIFT     2019-10-02
In normal work and study, people often use words to edit texts. Sometimes because of too little knowledge of word skills, they tend to take a lot of detours and do less work. Today, we introduce to you a few simple and practical word method to learn together: 1. The magical effect of the F2 key - no mouse movement on the keyboard. Select the content you want to move (Shift+Up, Down, Left, Right, and Left), press F2, then move the cursor to where you want to move and press Enter. 2, shift + F7, English synonyms search. It is very useful for students who often write in English. 3, F4's magical usage. Press F4 to paste the previous operation automatically. This method also applies to repeated merge cells. 4, a wonderful double-click format brush to achieve multiple uses. Never use a brush again. 5. Instantly add text to the form. When the text copied from excel is all text, select all the contents of the form to add, and then operate as shown. You can also input your own content. Add a space between the separate content and use this method. 6, clairvoyance - navigation pane style. Get to where you want to see quickly. 7, Ctrl + S to save, develop the habit of keeping at any time to avoid accidents. In the usual work, the text processing method we often use is more primitive and simple, in fact, when using word editing text, there are a lot of simple and practical shortcuts. These kinds of introductions for everyone today will hopefully help the office clerks, students, teachers, etc. and learn together. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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