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by:SWIFT     2019-10-03

Gifts, as an important means of interpersonal communication, arouse people's attention and set off an upsurge in the market. Since it is a gift, its packaging solutions design is an important indicator of the quality of gifts. So more beautiful Gift Package boxes flooded into the market and also expanded Gift Package The scope of use of is used for holiday gifts, door visits, company benefits distribution, etc. Gift boxes are mostly collections, boutiques, and collections. No matter what kind of application, the material of gift packaging solutions design can not be ignored.

Material selection is one of the important elements of gift box products. The commonly used gift packaging solutions design materials in our lives include paper packaging solutions boxes, wooden packaging solutions boxes, leather packaging solutions boxes, plastic packaging solutions boxes, and metal packaging solutions boxes. They all apply to the use of business gift packaging solutions boxes and personal gift packaging solutions boxes. Below we analyze the paper, wood and leather packaging solutions materials of the gift box.

First, gift packaging solutions design of the paper packaging solutions material

If you want to reflect the high-grade and precious gifts, it is best to use thick materials and high-strength carton. There are two general categories of materials: corrugated and compressed cardboard. Gift packaging solutions due to the exquisite printing, we recommend the use of ultra-thin E corrugated cardboard packaging solutions, thickness control in 1mm-2mm, box-type folding and molding the opposite sex box can, E-type corrugated paper rigidity is good, And for fine printing. There are also miniature corrugated cardboard such as FGH.

Second, gift packaging solutions design of wood packaging solutions material

Higher gift wood feels softer and graded. Can consider the choice of solid wood, both environmentally friendly and beautiful, but also highlight the grade. For example, a common wooden jewelry box. Wooden jewelry boxes are simple and elegant, suitable for elegant temperament women. Generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, beech wood jewelry box, peach wood jewelry box, the most distinctive is the coffin products. Oak is walnut wood, because of slow growth, its fine pattern, strong texture. Representative outside European style pine wood jewelry box such as national craft. There are also high-gloss lacquer jewelry boxes, metal jewelry boxes, and paper jewelry boxes.

Third, the gift box leather packaging solutions material

Take the jewelry box, the gift box leather jewelry box is usually combined with fashionable design elements, in the taste of the era filled with a rich modern flavor. Generally divided into crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl jewelry box. Gift boxes such as Lavé's Big S crocodile-print leather jewelry box, Pandora's plain-leather jewellery box and binaural-style pearl-leather jewellery box are more representative.

According to the above analysis of paper, wood, and leather gift boxes, we can select the gift box based on these detailed issues. The gift packaging solutions design selects the most suitable gift box based on the gift box selected.

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