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graphic packaging holding co (gpk.n)

by:SWIFT     2020-03-19
Graphic Packaging Holding Company, founded in June 21, 2007, is a company that provides paper
Provide packaging solutions for a range of products for food, beverage and other consumer goods companies.
The company\'s market segments include cardboard Mills, American cardboard packaging, European cardboard packaging, and companies.
Part of the paper board factory includes the company\'s North American paper board factory, which mainly produces Kraft (CUK)
And coated recycled plates (CRB).
As of December 31, 2016, the company had seven paper mills in North America.
The packaging part of American cardboard includes cardboard folding cartons that are mainly sold to consumer goods (CPG)
A company serving the American food, beverage and consumer goods market.
The European cardboard packaging sector includes cardboard folding cartons primarily sold to CPG companies serving the European food, beverage and consumer goods markets.
The company and other departments include Pacific Rim operations.
The company supplies cardboard cartons and carriers designed to protect and accommodate the product.
The company offers a range of cardboard packaging solutions for a variety of end-use markets, such as beverages, including beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, tea, water and juice;
Foods, including cereals, desserts, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, microwave foods, pet foods, etc;
Prepared food including snacks and fast food
Food is provided for restaurants, food service products and household items, including dishwashers and laundry detergent, health and beauty items, as well as paper towels and paper.
The company produces cardboard in the factory;
Print, cut, fold, glue (converts)
Make cardboard into folding cartons in its conversion factory and design and manufacture special packaging machines for packaging bottles and cans
Consumer drinks.
The company also installs packaging machines in customer factories and provides support, service and performance monitoring for machines.
The company offers a range of laminated, coated and printed packaging structures produced by its CUK and CRB, as well as other grade boards purchased from third partiesParty suppliers
The company produces corrugated media and Kraft paper for internal use and open market sales.
The company competes with WestRock, Klabin and Stora Enzo.
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