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Four kinds of plastic and paper shopping bags

by:SWIFT     2021-01-19
In daily life, we often see two kinds of material bags, one kind is plastic bags; One is a paper bag. Both are relatively belong to environmental protection bags. What is the difference between the before they? Shenzhen garment bag factory below small make up to introduce for everybody. 1, learn from the aspects of environmental protection plastic bags made out of plastic, the relative environmental protection. Paper bags early papermaking process is harmful to the environment protection. Therefore, the paper overall environmental performance is lower than the plastic. 2, from the bag cost analysis as we all know, paper is much higher than the cost of plastic, printing cost is high, but its accurate color Settings than plastic. Plastic distinguishes between being the monochrome printing, the price is low, paper cost, so the paper bag is much higher than plastic. If the color printing, cost will be higher than the cost of plastic bags. 3, in terms of recycling use strong degree, plastic bags can be recycled, and the paper can't, many poor paper bag haven't in our shopping as soon as I get home is broken, but plastic bags will not, can be reused at least ten times more. 4, analysis of plastic and paper shopping bags from the propaganda effect can be printed logo on the bag, now many businesses are adopting laminating bags, color printing, make the effect of the bag to let a person shine at the moment, give a person the sense of high-end grade atmosphere, the merchants of used plastic bags compared with paper bags, before they will sigh must be better propaganda effect is better than a paper bag. The above is the manufacturer of garment bag factory for you on 4 kinds of difference between plastic and paper shopping bags. Hope will be helpful to you. Shenzhen garment bag factory plastic bag manufacturers focus on 15 years, plastic bags, environmental protection bag, dust bag. Bundle bag, gift bag, etc. , companies and research and development, production, sales for the integration of environmental protection bags products specializing in the production of enterprises.
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