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Five Things about Canada\'s mobile phone prices

by:SWIFT     2019-12-10
Given the chase for users, the performance on the local mobile phone market this weekend may not be surprising.
The first is Shaw\'s free movement, which started a positive pricing action as early as October.
On the weekend, Rogers and Fedor also arrived.
Then Telus and Koodo.
Finally, Bell.
Afraid to be left behind, afraid not to seize the opportunity.
Maintain market share in the face of new CanadaBased on operator
Free dom/Shaw is launching a new LTE network-
The possibility of global technology giants.
The move to freely upgrade their systems may make this price war inevitable: Katie Anderson of OpenMedia, Canada, notes that there are four serious competitors in the market in parts of Canada --
Such as Saskatchewan with SaskTel, Manitoba with MTS and Quebec with videotron --
Interest rates have fallen by as much as half.
In the short term, consumers.
But questions remain about how these contracts operate.
Although the CRTC has recently made changes to the wireless code, people often don\'t understand what they\'re signing.
Anderson added that the CRTC\'s decision to force mobile providers to sign contracts more clearly to consumers this fall is a good step.
\"The CRTC is a bit far in terms of wireless code (
About Clear contract),” she said.
\"But we should also ensure that customer service and customer standards are incorporated into the wireless code.
\"It seems that they will talk about this topic now.
But now that consumers know that companies can obviously cut fees, will people really support it?
\"They have reached out to them and said they can afford the deal,\" Anderson said . \".
\"But this is certainly not a deal compared to the rest of the world.
Sunday is definitely the worst.
When I woke up, I thought it would be very efficient today.
Shopping for Christmas, errands, laundry, eating with relatives, I\'ll spend $60 on the 10 gb data deal everyone is talking about.
The first mistake: I guess, instead of calling Bell and waiting for customer service, it\'s better to be smart and talk to a real person at the Bell store on 4 th Avenue.
I got there and there were a few people in front of me in lineno big deal. Then it starts.
The clerk in the store said that as an existing customer, we need to switch to Virgin Mobile to make a deal --no big deal.
Then, the clerk simply asked to wait while verifying the account details --no big deal.
Do anything for these savings! 15 minutes. 30 minutes. An hour. 90 minutes.
Finally, the clerk said that the conversion from Bell to Virgin was impossible.
Next mistake: ask me why I can\'t make a deal.
She spit out a few tricky lines that I\'m not 100 clear.
Then she advised me to leave Bell and sign up for a new carrier. F—Angry.
I walked out of the Bell store and, after rushing through all these poor things, I struggled in the rain to come to the Rogers store on Broadway and Arbutus.
Rogers and Bell had different levels of organization that Sunday, just like day and night.
While waiting fast
Moving the line, Rogers\'s shop assistants regularly announce what they can and can\'t do in the store.
I never thought I would say that, but a major telecom company is a hub for efficient, professional and good customer service.
Five hours later, I can say that I bought 10 gb of data for $60 plus calls and text.
The switch is worth it.
Hello my name is Aleesha and I paid more (like crazy! )
My phone plan.
When I say overpay, I mean unlimited Canada $81 a month
Extensive calls and text messages through massive data. ONE GB.
Save my precious shows for urgent online shopping episodes and online shows a bit satisfying
In Instagram, I am often stuck in the trap of asking the following questions in public: \"I can ask your Wi-Fi password?
\"But, no longer!
Hearing the crazy 10-
At one of our press conferences, I called Bell (
I have been a client for over seven years.
Yes, even with that bad data plan)
Prepare for a new plan.
But like many people, I can\'t get through it.
I tried to contact a rep for two days who could give me a data boost but I didn\'t get any help.
That is, until I use this phone
Scheduling options.
I asked for a call at 6 in the evening. m. last night —
To my surprise, I received one. The cheery-if-slightly-stressed-
The representative who sounded good listened to my request for more data . . . . . . And began to sign up for me to participate in the \"loyalty agreement\" of Canadian unlimited company\"
A wide range of calls and text messages, as well as 10 sets of data.
Didi mentioned that this would be $20.
Have I reduced my bill every month?
It is indeed a happy holiday.
Verdict: success!
Let others hear you.
The Anderson Group has launched a petition \"demanding a reasonable price.
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