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Find Best Product Packaging Boxes for Clothing


Here in this guide, you are going to find a way to notice the correct packaging to suit the requirements of your Clothing product.

The packaging products varies in a wide range within the market and is changing into additional and more advanced. It becomes exhausting to settle on the correct box, as well as the correct size, type, material, and end choice.

We will give three methods to find you Best Product Packaging Boxes for Clothing. These simple steps can assist you in choosing the most effective boxing resolution for no matter you are merchandising.

#1 Why would you need your Box for?

Packaging is easy. It's a box, right? Why will it have to be compelled to be thus hard? How come there are such a lot of details? Well, the solution is easy - it's a box, however it the correct box will more!

If you intend to parcel your clothing via courier delivery services, the most effective resolution may be a Courier Box. they're made up of a high-quality, recycled cardboard. counting on the dimensions, you'll use these boxes to send many various things.

If you want to display your Clothing product in a store, then quality boxes will accelerate the exposure of your product. Counting on the dimensions of the merchandise, Product Boxes are often decent work. 

Small clothing items are often displayed in Product Boxes. The Two-Piece version permits for presenting bowties and ties, wallets, pocket squares, etc. The Classic Product Boxes would look smart as a colorful packaging for sweets, little covering accessories or cards.

#2 What type of clothing product are you using for packaging?

The second process is to carefully know your product. There are many considerations such as:


Think about your product within a box. It's vital to understand the scale of the merchandise, as a result of it helps to estimate the arrangement of it within the box. 

Is your clothing product fragile? 

There is a great deal of product that need a bit special handling throughout the delivery method or even displaying at your shop. Packaging fillers are a good thanks to make sure that nothing gets broken in transit.

What’s the weight of your clothing product?

Weight is very vital once it involves shipping. Even though Product Boxes are created for achieving associate degree elegant look and disclosure, they're not essentially suggested for delivery of the serious product. within the case, once the merchandise is way from light-weight, it's best to settle on a Mailer Box. And if - except its weight - your product desires area, think about selecting Shipping Boxes.

#3 Select a suitable feasible price for your Clothing Product Boxes?

If you're at the start of your journey as a business owner, we recommend creating a little order for your custom packaging in term of price.

30-50 items may be a sensible quantity for you to evaluate the viability of utilizing custom packaging for your complete.

You need to select a suitable price range for the desire design that matches your need. There are large variety of packaging boxes available for your clothing packaging within your price range. That differs in term of shape and design

Some Common type of product Packaging for clothing are:

Plastic Bags for clothing

Among one of the foremost efficient packaging, the choice is that the polybag (plastic bag). Prepared out sheet material, it's normally used for food, magazine packaging and nowadays largely being used for clothing packaging and shipments too. 

Poly baggage has additionally become a standard & widespread selection for product packaging for clothing because it is extremely straightforward to provide. It will be absolutely custom-made and supply additional protection to the product through its lockup options. 

The price will vary from $0.03 up to $0.14 per bag betting on the scale, style, style & amount.


We will discuss the benefits of plastic bags over boxes i.e

Better for Marketing:

If you own a Fashion store or market, it's pretty straightforward for you to display your business’s logo, brand and alternative data on the plastic baggage. And smart factor is that it's easy to form changes within the style rather than the boxes.

Price effective with Paper and cardboard Packaging:

A piece of bag can price you no over 0.25 cent that is far cheaper than a carrier bag cost accounting five cents or a lot of per piece. Getting plastic baggage in bulk are going to be helpful for your little business and profit margins.

Quick packing and unpacking:

Plastic baggage are faster to open, double up, save your few seconds. This is often why they're widely employed by busy cashiers to stay lines moving expeditiously. Additionally, plastic baggage takes up less house than paper bags, each in storage and at cashier purpose.

Durable and Weatherproof:

They're less prone to tearing and are immune to several chemicals and water rather than other boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes:

They the commonest material for packaging. It's usually used for the shipment of shoes & storage boxes. It's become a preferred packaging choice moreover for e-commerce and merchandise packaging. 

Courier boxes usually use these material boxes to stay merchandise from obtaining broken throughout shipping however still maintain the look and class of the structure to draw in customers. Corrugated boxes are absolutely customizable like cardboard except have a better degree of sturdiness. 

It is, however, still efficient for anyone victimization the packaging as each the most retail & shipping box. Price vary for furrowed boxes are $0.75 – $0.95 at the quality sizes, vogue, and printing.

Luxury Rigid Boxes:

These type of boxes you can see in several high finish retail & fashion stores for clothing. They're meant to produce the most effective trying and sturdiest packaging for merchandise.

The rigid box is formed out of the condensed paper board and fourfold thicker than the quality paperboard. they're the foremost big-ticket among the bunch however still reasonable enough to make luxury packaging (depending on your manufacturer). Luxury Watched and special clothing products are being packed with these type of boxes

Basic Rigid Boxes will vary from $3.00–$5.00 a chunk or $5.00–$30.00+ for an additional moneymaking vogue, printing & special method.

That's it - your packaging boxes for clothing are ready! 

It's straightforward to examine that product packaging is quite simply a box.

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