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Eco-friendly Packaging for your Courier Delivered Parcels

by:SWIFT     2020-09-07
Everyone knows there is a large emphasis being put upon environmental concerns and living a more sustainable lifestyle, and with hundreds of thousands of us sending packages across the UK each and every day, maybe we can start to do our bit for the environment too, by choosing more eco-friendly packaging.
Reasons to consider eco-friendly packaging
Whether you 're a business or an individual, recycling and reusing items throughout their life cycle is a good idea from both a moral and economical point of view. When products get to the end of their life cycle, particularly things like bubble wrap and plastic bags, they invariably end up in landfill. The action of maintaining and organising landfill sites comes at a high cost, both in regards to energy expenditure and in labour costs, a price that is reflected in our council tax and waste treatment costs period.
By finding things we can reuse as packaging materials, we can reduce these costs and impacts, as well as reducing much of our costs by avoiding the need in order to purchase brand new packaging materials. For businesses, it can be tempting to reckon that every customer expects a brand new box or packet for their goods, but recent studies suggest this is false. Customers actually value the efforts a company is now to when they give parcels UK wide in second hand boxes. If work for you any doubt, test purchase a stamp that says 'Yes! We've reused this box and saved more waste from landfill' or something along those lines?
How to pack more eco friendly
When are usually booking your courier services UK wide or on the point of arrange your eBay parcel delivery, a couple of you can send parcels UK wide in an additional environmentally friendly manner, but do so no more complaining where commence? Here are some top tips for more earth kind packing:
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