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Do your bit in Saving the Environment by Giving

by:SWIFT     2020-06-30
As Diwali is barbeque important and loved festivals of India, it is usually celebrated on a grand scale with a regarding pomp and show. Evidently this boisterous celebration is very beautiful and highly enjoyable, the harmful side effects it causes are truly frightening. Slowly people have actually forgotten the true ways of celebrating Diwali and have replaced it with their own whims and fancies. As Diwali always falls on a moonless night, in olden times people used to light earthen lamps to address darkness. However, over your lifetime the trend of burning crackers and using excessive electric lights have madeDiwali celebrations hazardous to linkedin profile the environment but towards the health and life involving most living beings too. Crackers are made of harmful substances and release toxic gases causing many different environmental problems such as extreme air pollution, noise pollution, and soil smog. Also excessive power consumption for lighting is causing quick depletion of our valuable natural resources. Each one of these together pose a serious threat to the ecological balance. Along with these a number of ailments in human beings like high blood pressure, hearing loss, sleeping disturbances, headache, asthma, skin allergies, and respiratory problems also become common during Diwali. In fact, even birds and animals feel tormented and tortured due tothe noise made by crackers. It is the duty of each and every one of us to do our bit in saving atmosphere. After all it is our Earth we are polluting and only likewise give you have to bear the consequences. To begin with we must say 'No' to crackers. If at all, they must be burnt, only eco-friendly ones must be used. Next, instead on using electric lights to light up our homes, we should stick to the traditional lamps. For a brighter effect candles can be applied too. Also, we must try and reduce unnecessary consumption during Diwali, both on us and on others - in the type of gifts, as all man-made things need raw material which is provided by Mother Nature, leading to continuous reduction of the non-replaceable natural resources. So this Diwali consider give only eco-friendly gifts, which are both beautiful and thoughtful. Let us take a look inside of a few common ones: So what do you believe? Want to do something for your the world? Now is the your chance. Make use with it. Say no to crackers, avoid over-consumption of electricity, give eco-friendly gifts to your loved ones and celebrate a Green Diwali!!
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