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d&o aims for pole position in 3 years

by:SWIFT     2020-03-21
D & O Ventures Bhd plans to take advantage of its key advantages-product and technology innovation, good process and equipment design, cost Optimization-position yourself as a major contract manufacturer and assembler for semiconductor products over the next three years.
Tay Kheng Chiong, general manager of the group, told StarBiz, \"Our vision is to be the number one solution provider for discrete and photoelectric packaging components . \".
Since its establishment in 1993, the group has become a contract manufacturer for semiconductor devices specializing in sealing metals-
Resin-encapsulated LEDs (CANs)LED)
Discrete packages for packaging and hot-Solid epoxy packages.
These components have a variety of applications and are found in various electronic products including mobile phones and audio.
Visual equipment, traffic light system, advertising bulletin board, computer, telecom and medical equipment.
In the next two years, the group is expected to launch a number of new packaging products, including wireless semiconductors
UV sensors and Micro
Packaging Technology of mechanical and electrical system, sensor equipment and vertical cavity
Surface Emitting Lasers and lasers for photon technology applications.
It also plans to expand its OEMs (OEM)
Product portfolio, especially for discrete surface mounting products.
\"We may even enter the field of original design and manufacturing,\" Tay said . \"
Long-term plans include diversifying D & O\'s products and increasing its presence in global markets.
Some of the group\'s clients include multinational companies (MNCs)
Like a mega Semiconductor (Optoelectronic
Agilent Technology Co. , Ltd. (Sdn Bhd)M)
Sdn Bhd, ST Micro private Co. , Ltd. , Panasonic precision capacitor (M)Sdn Bhd.
Tay believes that the group has a bright future, and the group plans to be listed on the second board of directors in Bursa, Malaysia in December 28, as multinationals outsource product manufacturing to local manufacturers, enabling them to reduce the links in the supply chain.
\"The cost is also higher --
Manufacturing of houses. D&O is well-
Because we have always focused on being a whole, we can benefit from this trend.
Stop providing manufacturing and component packaging solutions, \"he said.
Tay said that the led will be one of the group\'s potential major sources of revenue in the future, driven by the highlighted led requirements used in many products at present.
He believes that due to some factors, the demand for LED light products will increase: switching traffic lights from single bulbs to LED lights worldwide to reduce power consumption, introduction of LED lights for automotive rear lighting, increased demand for outdoor electronic billboard display at 2008 China Olympic Games, and increased demand for computers and laptopstops.
According to its prospectus, the group\'s projected revenue is rm4. 3.
For the year ended December 31, 2005, 3mil was mainly contributed by LED lights with a 62% share, while pre-
Tax profits are expected to reach 25 yuan. 2mil.
The group plans to launch a new LED light in 2005, which is expected to contribute about RMB to the group\'s revenue.
It is expected that one of the group\'s major customers will also transfer its internal
Overall house production line for D & O
Early next year, Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Omega Semiconductor.
Due to the expansion of the group\'s capacity and the increase in the product portfolio, the group\'s OEM product revenue is also expected to increase to RM35mil, accounting for 23% of the total revenue.
New OEM products like its high
The goal of the end laser diode used in the wireless computer mouse is to contribute RM9mil to revenue.
Tay said D & O will raise 102 yuan from the initial public offering.
38 per share, 6 million new shares.
In RM39mil, rm7.
The plant will be expanded, rm21.
8mil for purchase of production equipment and tools, 763,000 for purchase of new management information system infrastructure, RM3mil for R & D, rm3.
The working capital is 59mil and the listing fee is RM2mil.
\"After going public, our goal is to focus on LEDs and discrete components.
We will continue to expand our products, expand our capacity and attract new customers . \" In 2006, he added, D & O\'s semiconductor assembly production will more than double from the current 2 billion units to 1 billion.
As part of its capacity expansion plan, the group has two factories in the Melaka Batu Berendam free trade zone and is currently expanding two.
It will also invest rm21.
8mil is used in the next two years to purchase and install new production machinery, equipment and tools to increase capacity and produce new products.
\"Cost optimization is a key advantage and one of the main areas where we can save costs is machinery and equipment.
\"We buy used machinery and use our ability to modify and upgrade them to good operating conditions,\" said Tay . \".
The group recorded a pre-
Tax profits 10 yuan.
3mil\'s income is rm56.
9mil in the first seven months of this year is expected to be
The tax profit is RM16mil and the income is rm109. 1mil this year.
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