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custom printed plastic bags Test methods and techniques for tinting strength of printing inks

by:SWIFT     2019-09-27
First, the principle of quantitative standard white ink to dilute the sample and standard samples were diluted against the concentration of the ink, expressed as a percentage. Second, tools and materials 【1】 Inkstick knife mallet tapered steel body, length 200mm, the widest point of 20mm, the narrowest 8mm. [2] Wiper blade made of stainless steel, 92mm × 59mm × 0.5mm, blade width of 9mm bending outward at 25 °. [3] Scratch-like paper blueprints (in line with ZBY32002), specifications 110mm × 65mm. [4] standard white ink. [5] Standard black ink. Third, the instrument [1] Analysis of the balance of the maximum load of 200g, a sense of 1mg. [2] Round glass sheet 2mm, diameter 90-100mm. Fourth, test conditions [1] test should be at the temperature (25 ± 1) °C, relative humidity 65% ​​± 5% conditions. 【2】 Observe the dip and scrape, should be under D65 standard illumination body. V. Inspection Procedures [1] Weigh the standard white ink 2g and the sample ink 0.2g on a round glass plate with an analytical balance. In the same way, standard white ink and standard ink were weighed in the same ratio. The well-known ink is fully regulated with the ink-regulating blade. [2] Apply a uniform sample of about 0.5g with a spatula and apply it to the upper left of the scraping paper, and then take about 0.5g of the sample to be coated on the upper right of the scraping paper. The two should not be connected adjacently. [3] Place the doctor blade over the painted ink sample so that the body of the doctor blade is perpendicular to the scratch paper. Then, from the top down, the ink is scraped into a thin layer on the scratching paper, and when it is scraped to 35-45mm, the force is reduced, the angle inside the blade is approximately 25°, and the ink is painted on the paper to form a thick ink layer. . The final scraping shape should be similar to the schematic in GB/T14624.1. [4] Observe whether the face color and the ink color of the sample and the target sample are the same. If they are not the same, change the amount of the standard white ink of the sample until the diluted sample is consistent with the standard sample. Calculate the percentage of the color strength of the sample according to the formula. [5] After scratching, the ink color reflected in the observation within 30 seconds shall prevail. Six, test results S = B / A × 100% where S - the percentage of tinctorial strength (standard sample is 100%),%; A - Dilute the standard amount of white ink, g; B - Dilute the sample white ink dosage ,g. The 2nd China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition is so exciting. Related Tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bag manufacturers,
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