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custom printed plastic bags Printing Tips and Precautions on Wood Boards

by:SWIFT     2019-09-30
In actual printing, the phenomenon of unreal printing in the field is often encountered. In the past, printing pressure and paper were first considered. Usually, when the printing pressure cannot be solved, the paper can only be changed, but this not only increases the printing cost, but also delays the production cycle. . In the following two cases we have solved this problem fundamentally by adjusting the printing process. Example 1: In the actual production often encounter 30% to 50% of the magenta version and 100% cyan blue overprint the real field, because the paper is not good, often out of the red network can be 100% transfer to the paper, transfer rate reached The highest, and more than half of the area of ​​the green version of the field can also be directly transferred to the paper, so that the printed matter is very flat, the problem has been fundamentally resolved, even if the paper can be replaced with poor quality can be printed. Example 2: Once, use 150g/m2 offset paper to print book cover, the layout of which has a large area of ​​green plate. When looking for the rules, the use of the phenomenon of red printing on the copper net and the problem of replacing paper with good paper will be solved. It is clear that paper is the main cause of this failure. But can we solve this problem by adjusting the process? Through analysis, the conventional color sequence for printing is black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. The magenta nets are overprinted on the freshly printed cyan field. In order to prevent anti-peeling, the viscosity of magenta ink is reduced, and the viscosity of blue ink is increased. The problem has not been solved. Although the effect of using imported ink is better, it is still not ideal. After analysis, because the four-color machine is a wet-and-overprint, when the other ink is overprinted in the wet field, the transfer effect is poor, and the ink transfer rate is low. Try to exchange the magenta and cyan printing color sequence, and print first. Red net, this sample paper, on the ground is very flat, and the use of 150g/m2 offset paper when the phenomenon of serious flowers, increase the printing pressure is also invalid, apparently offset paper rough surface, poor ink affinity. Since cyan is in the second group, the paper is poorly ink-receptive, and it is not firmly bonded with the ink. The printed blue ink will peel off part of the back two sets of blankets. So can a single Indian ink be printed? We left the rest of the machine pressure group, only printed cyan, the result was printed on the ground is very flat, so we adjusted the printing color sequence, the cyan version in the final group, print hair flower troubleshooting. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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