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custom printed plastic bags Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts 2018 Art Enrollment Continue to Lean Beijing Candidates Shuang Wai

by:SWIFT     2019-10-02
The enrollment plan and professionalism in 2018 will remain stable. The Beijing Enrollment Plan will not reduce Sun Peng: There are five enrollment specialties this year, including five majors in visual communication design, digital media art, painting, animation and photography. Compared with previous years, enrollment professionals are Are the same. The plan is also consistent with previous years. The visual communication design is 200 people enrolling in the country, 120 people in digital media art, 40 people in animation, painting, and photography, and animated 16 people in the double-peace plan (as in previous years, If there is no change is 16 people, this plan number is still officially approved by the Municipal Education Commission. Specific to Beijing candidates, I can tell you that Beijing's art admissions program will not be reduced, and it is consistent with previous years. According to the situation in previous years, the total number of artistic programs of the Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts is 456, and nearly 120 candidates were admitted to Beijing last year. Beijing candidates apply for visual communication design fierce competition to apply for a higher percentage of other professionals to get the certificate Sun Peng: From the situation in previous years, the school's visual communication design professional competition is still relatively fierce. Because this specialty is a very long-standing professional in the history of Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts. From the end of the 1980s, Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts took the lead in setting up computer art design. Based on this, it established the current visual communication design profession, and it is National queuing professional. For Beijing candidates, applying for digital media art, animation, painting, and photography should be relatively easy, because these professionals have a separate plan for 106 people in Beijing. The percentage of candidates who apply for a certificate is Relatively high. The art school exam can only be used once for multiple references. Processing by the lowest score Sun Peng: Five art majors of Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts are divided into two categories when they apply for the exam. The first category is visual communication design, and the second category is digital media art, animation. There are four majors in painting, photography, and photography. When you apply for an exam, you can choose one of them, and you can only choose one of them. Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts has arranged 4 examinations for this year's arts major in Beijing. The pre-Spring Festival exams are January 27 and 28, and the exams after the Spring Festival are March 1 and March 2. There are also 8 test centers outside Beijing. examination. The school has a clear requirement that each candidate has only one chance to apply for an exam, and that many exams will take the lowest score, so candidates must be careful. In addition, the candidates who are planning to apply for the Shuangpu and Waipei art majors of the Beijing Institute of Graphic Arts will also participate in this school exam. The school will no longer separately organize examinations for Shuangpei and Waipei. Two-pronged students in the school continue to retain cultural classes in general need to reach more than 450 points Sun Peng: Shuangpei's major is animation, animation professional docking school is the Communication University of China, the mode of joint training is 3 +1, that is, freshman to large Three studied at Communication University of China, and seniors returned to Beijing Institute of Graphic Design for graduation design. Wai Pei specialty is a digital media art major. The docking school is the University of Arts, London, UK. This training model is 1+2+1. Freshmen and seniors are at home. Sophomores and juniors are at the University of Arts, London. Of course, the premise is Before going to the UK to study, the students' English must meet certain requirements. If they do not meet the requirements, they will continue to study at the school's digital media art major. The specific plan for this year's Shuang Pei and Wai Pei will have to wait until this year's April and May municipal education commissions formally approve. Judging from last year's situation, the cultural classes of Shuang Pei and Wai Pei's art majors generally have to be more than 450 points, and the cultural courses for arts majors in general must also be more than 400 points. If your cultural class is only 400 points, then your professional class ranking must be higher than before. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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