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custom printed plastic bags Automatic ink printing machine printing ink needs to be tested before printing SWIFT

by:SWIFT     2019-09-29
Due to the wide range of screen printing applications for fully automatic screen printers, the requirements for screen printing inks are also stringent. Therefore, in order to meet the different requirements of the printing products for ink, the following aspects of the test should be performed when the screen printing is performed with a full-automatic screen printing machine. 1 Adhesion Tested to determine the degree of ink adhesion on different materials. 2 Flexibility The fastness of ink and substrate materials is tested by the resistance test. 3 Resistance to rubbing The rubbing resistance is mainly to conduct strong tests on the printing surface of materials such as cloth, paper and film to test the bonding degree and firmness of the ink to the printing materials. 4 abrasion resistance After the printing surface of the cotton cloth is exposed to sunlight, the cotton cloth is rubbed for a certain number of times to check the degree of contamination of the cotton cloth. 5 Weather resistance Weather resistance also contains light resistance. Weather resistance is usually placed outside the print, the wind and sun, rain and other tests to test the printed pigment discoloration, bleaching degree and decomposition of the printing ink film, discoloration and so on. 6 heat resistance, cold resistance Because some prints to use at different temperatures. Therefore, some prints are processed by high temperature after printing, and some prints are subjected to low temperature processing after printing. Through the heat resistance and cold resistance test to test the ink at different temperatures. 7 Hot Water Resistance The hot water resistance test is usually performed on a printing surface per unit area, adding a certain amount of warm water for a certain period of time to test the degree of contamination of the water. In particular, the extent to which the pigment in the ink is soluble in water is observed to determine whether the ink is suitable for the printing of food utensils and toys. 8 oil resistance Oil resistance refers to the oil, machinery oil and other adaptability, which is different from the solvent resistance. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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