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by:SWIFT     2019-10-03

Too many occasions in life need gifts, such as advertising promotions, employee benefits, birthday parties, product gifts, thank you leaders, wedding rebates, etc. At this time, our first thought is the personality, benefits, and Face of things, of course, it is best not to be too expensive, the traditional smoke, the drawback is unhealthy, may not accept the gift of smoking, the traditional delivery, the drawback is that high-end wine is expensive, low-end wine no face. What's good for that? What's affordable and worthwhile, this time recommend a towel gift set.

Towel gift box, as the name suggests is the towel assembly gift box, what advantages does it have?

1, elegant and beautiful. Towels are a necessity for life and everyone will use it. For the choice of towels, you can mix and match them freely. If you send them to the elderly, send them an elegant, affordable and comfortable one. Don't be too fancy, as long as the water is soft and supple. If you give birth to your child's mother, send your baby's special face towel set, wash your face, wash your butt, take a bath, all are dedicated, and absolutely environmentally friendly, absolutely soft and comfortable. If you are a gift for a product promotion, you have to be cheap, look and affordable, and you must sell it beautifully. At least the hue of the hue is enough.

2, tailor-made. In addition to focusing on color matching and pattern selection, you can also embroider the logo, so that you can have a tailor-made feeling that allows the recipient to feel your unique intentions, highlight the grade of the towel, and play a pair. The effect of company propaganda can be described as double benefit.

3, the perfect combination. Now, not only can we wear tailor-made clothes, but we can also customize various gift boxes so that gift boxes and towels can be perfectly combined. MOQ can be as small as 3 boxes or more. It is the best choice for holiday gifts.

The Gift Box Packaging Design Release Template:

1. The size of the gift box is 40 (long) * 31 (wide) * 8.6 (high) cm The size of the gift box is 41.5*9.6*32 (H) cm

2, style requirements. Such as: atmosphere, simplicity, color should not be too much, with a reasonable, visual impact, clamshell, such as the annex to the green box.

3, the element requirements. Such as: company logo, contact information.

4, reference towel gift packaging solutions diagram (accessory)

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