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custom jewelry packaging Some Tips and Standards for Post-production of Digital Printing

by:SWIFT     2019-09-24
From the point of view of binding and post-press processing, there are still some details that cannot be ignored in the post-press processing of digital printing. Now we will discuss the post-press processing methods for digital printing, hoping that these contents can provide some references for digital printers. Consideration of post-press processing from pre-press design Pre-press design will facilitate the successful completion of digital printing and post-press processing. In digital printing, the prepress design has a great influence on the cost of postpress processing. Since digital printing uses a limited number of paper sizes and a large number of digital prints are printed on one side, the following factors should also be considered in addition to the prepress design that requires digital printing to make the most effective use of paper. 1. The direction of the paper strands When possible, try to align the orientation of the paper in the direction of the book's back. Due to the particularity of the combination of the color material and the paper on the surface of the digital printing paper, if the page is folded in the horizontal direction, the image will easily break at the folding position. Therefore, digital prints should take into account the post-press processing in the prepress design. 2. Location of images on printed sheets Usually, many digital prints design images in the middle of printed sheets, but when printed and processed after printing, it is found that doing so wastes a lot of time and money. For example, an image with a size of 210 x 285mm is designed on a sheet of 450 x 320mm. When cutting, the printed sheet must be cut on all four sides; but if the image is placed at a certain angle (for example, in the upper left corner) ), only need to cut both sides, thus saving post-press processing time, but also reduce printing costs. However, if the other two sides of the image are bleeding designs, you still need to trim all four sides of the sheet. Stapling and Post-printing Essentials Only the beginning of careful design and arrangement of India and India can ensure the consistency of printing and post-press processing. In production, the following points should be noted. 1. Folding Since the ink color on digital prints only adheres to the surface of the paper, the folding process is prone to cracking. Therefore, it is best to press the folds before folding. 2. Laminating the film on the surface of digital prints, especially after printing a large area on the ground, will help in the printing process, especially in cutting or packaging solutions. The protective effect. It is not necessarily beneficial to apply a single-sided film to a double-sided print, because one side of the uncoated film may be more susceptible to peeling of the printed toner due to friction. 3. Saddle stitching Saddle stitching is a good choice for most digital prints and is particularly suitable for the binding of thin books such as guides, booklets and brochures. The binding method is economical and practical, and can be carried out online with other processing methods. Simultaneous post-press processing of folding, folding, binding, and online cutting can be performed, which can provide guarantee for fast delivery required by digital printing. 4. Bookbinding When designing a flat-book, first make sure that there is enough room for binding between the booklet and the text. For example, the o-spiral thread has a 3:1 ratio (3 holes per inch). ), should leave at least 3/8 inch blank; and when the ratio of the hole is 2:1, should leave at least 1/2 inch blank. This blank refers to the distance between the mouth and the nearest line edge. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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