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custom jewelry packaging Ruili four-color printing press | High-speed printing press price

by:SWIFT     2019-09-24
Ruili four-color printing press | high-speed printing machine prices, the choice of frame size must also be consistent and the best choice of metal frame. At the same time, it must be ensured that the wire mesh and the frame cannot be horizontally and vertically when the net is stretched. The method of stretching the net is very much, and the luminous characters can be manually, electrically, pneumatically and variously. At present, the more advanced ones that can stretch the high-quality screen are pneumatic and electric stretching machines. The requirements of the stretch net are uniform tension, the net latitude and longitude lines are kept vertical, the sticky net glue must be firm, and the silk print should not be loosened. The company is continuously committed to the creation, development and production of four-color printing presses, has a profound understanding of the four-color printing press products, and has rich research inventions and production experience. What is the required density (density = blackness) of a good screen printing machine? Offset printing uses a positive film that is close to D3. Therefore, the densitometer is used to measure the density of the positive film. Where and where the image is, the density of the text needs a higher value. Hand carved masks cannot be used as silk screen negatives. The film should be produced using a high hardness photographic film design. O56q7ds b. Lift type: The screen is in a horizontal fixed position, and the squeegee reciprocates to complete the printing process. c. Drum type: This form is mainly composed of a squeegee, a screen plate and a drum type. The newly produced four-color printing press makes the silk printing process more precise, faster, and more automated. The four-color printing press is mainly used in the electronic processing industry, silk screen markings of printed circuit boards, markings of equipment housing panels, and solder paste printing in the processing of circuit boards. The four-color printing machine realizes the same printing plate roller printing a variety of product specifications, which overcomes the problem that a traditional printing plate printing roller can only print one printing plate, saves printing costs, and saves The time for printing rollers improves design power. The air compressor assembly of the four-color printing press should not allow too much water and oil to enter the air pressure system, avoiding cylinder failures and shortening the service life of the cylinder, and ensuring the dryness and cleanliness of the compressed air. It is best to add a freeze dryer. The three-point combination guarantees that the use pressure is within 5-7kg/cm. Check if the oil amount of the converter oil cup is enough every day. The pressure relief valve is not needed for a long time. With the development of printing technology, four-color printing presses have also been widely applied to all walks of life. The market share of four-color printing presses is now gradually increasing. Many large companies have already put into use, and these small and medium-sized enterprises are gradually Introduced. It quickly replaced the manual press, so what's the performance? The following are recommended by the staff of Guangzhou four-color printing press manufacturers. The four-color printing machine can effectively reduce the working center of gravity of the stationary printing unit, avoiding the large sloshing caused by the fixed printing unit at high speed and causing the printing font to be skewed or dislocated, in order to ensure four colors. The printing machine can print out excellent products without the need to formulate reasonable and correct operation procedures, but also strictly abide by, follow the calibrated printing color proofing, simulate the calibrated printing effect, when the effect of printing and proofing is insufficient - to make a Set of color separation sheets facilitates the results of the screen printing machine and the proofing. Afterwards, a sample proof is made to verify whether the desired effect is achieved and the proofing is sent to the printing shop. In the beginning of the printing process, the operator of the screen printing machine checks the printing machine again and makes some necessary adjustments so that the proofs of printing can be matched with the qualified proofs. From the technical point of view of the printing process: it is the main feature of special printing. Mainly for the specific nature of the printed or printed product in the entire production process, such as the printing principle includes not only pressure printing, but also pressureless printing. The plate making method is not the same as the plate material used, and the plate making process is not the same. Post-press processing does not refer to book binding, but refers only to coating. The four-color printer raises the operating speed of the fixed underprint printing unit, thereby increasing the design production power level and lowering the production cost. The four-color printing press adopts two-position (infeed platen and printing platen with suction device) three-stage suction, which can comply with the printing materials and quality requirements, implement strong wind, weak wind, and close adjustment. The frame can be fine-tuned for positioning (maximum adjustable number ± 10mm). A large-area model touch screen controls the lifting and lowering of the printing head, which facilitates the maintenance of screens and scrapers. It is convenient for loading and unloading and cleaning screens. The company's strong technical force and human resources, set four-color printing press R & D, development, manufacturing and sales in one, from the four-color printing press product development to shipping and after-sale service, with a complete system. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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