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custom jewelry packaging Printing ink change and cleaning techniques

by:SWIFT     2019-09-21
In the offset printing process, especially the single-color offset printing press, regardless of Y, M, C, BK four-color printing, is still a trademark, packaging solutions and decorating often often need to wash the ink to change color, the entire offset press ink system is cleaned, Then change to new ink. The ink-washing device scraper is composed of a rubber knife, an ink receiving slot, and a tight adjusting screw. The process of washing ink: Pour gasoline and car wash water on the roller, install the wiper in the position of the washing ink tank, and tighten the adjusting screw so that the rubber blade is at an angle of 40° to the surface of the ink roller corresponding to the offset printing machine. Contact, longitudinal and lateral movements of the ink roller, the old ink and gasoline on the ink system are continuously scraped through the rubber blade into the ink receiver. The washing and color changing of the ink wash is clean and thorough. It plays a pivotal role in the correct control of printing hue. The ink color can be positively displayed through the ink wash and the ink color is bright and right. The following points should be noted in the actual washing and color changing operation process: 1. The ink scraper device must be installed on the offset printing machine when the color change of the ink is washed, or because other factors need to clean the ink roller, and the two eccentric pin shafts of the ink receiving slot are set to be fixed during installation. In the opening slot of the supporting shaft of the offset printing machine, the adjusting nut is fixed in the opening of the square iron block on the wall plate. Then start the offset press and turn the adjusting nut so that the edge of the rubber blade slowly contacts the surface of the ink string roller. The average contact pressure of the two left and right adjusting screws is required. The average distance between the rubber blade and the ink roller is every part. Can fully scrape ink. 2. When cleaning the ink, in order to completely and cleanly remove the ink and ink marks on all the ink rollers, it is better to spray the gasoline on the ink roller near the ink fountain area from the upper part of the ink delivery device. The waste ink flows from the upper part of the rubber blade into the ink collecting tank. After a period of cleaning, the ink roller can be cleaned. 3. Ink Transfer Parts After the ink roller and ink fountain have been cleaned, wipe them clean and clean them with a clean, soft, clean, cloth-free, absorbent cloth. 4. To clean the position of the wiper of the ink-washing mechanism correctly, keep the equal intervals and the same contact pressure between the blade and the surface of the ink roller. 5. After cleaning, take the wiping cloth to stabilize the speed of the wiping. The offset printing machine must not let the wiping cloth get into the ink roller under the running condition. 6. Washing and changing the color requires the operator to keep the average amount when pouring gasoline from the upper ink roller and not to splash gasoline everywhere. 7. It is forbidden to smoke and open fire in the workshop to prevent fire during color change. 8. The operation status of the offset printing press must be taken care of when cleaning the ink roller. 1 Beware of the cuffs, hands, and clothing corners of your shirts. They are caught in the rollers or rollers and cause injuries. 2 Manipulators' jackets Workwear pockets are prohibited to carry box rulers, keys, coins, pencils, pens, and other hard objects, and tools for ink scooping and repair machines, to prevent them from falling into the ink roller and causing accidents. 9. Ink Wash Color Change Under normal circumstances, there are two cases. One is the change of light ink to dark ink, and the other is the change of dark ink to light ink. 1 light-colored ink for dark ink method Light color ink replaced dark ink is easier, for the ink roller cleaning also save time and effort. First, use an ink scoop to shovel out the light ink of the ink fountain. Just use a scraper to clean the light ink on the clean ink roller, and clean the ink residue, paper hair, and other debris left on the ink roller at the same time. 2 dark ink replaced by light color ink offset ink wash color change, dark ink replaced by light-colored ink, this time for the ink roller cleaning requirements are higher, the cleaning is more difficult, the ink roller cleaning degree is higher, it requires Light-colored ink cannot be contaminated by dark ink. If cleaning the old ink on the ink roller is not completely clean, it will affect the color and hue. In light-colored ink, there will be dark ink. Therefore, it is necessary to ink ink and ink. The rollers, ink scoops, etc. are washed cleanly, and then the ink is applied to the ink roller to start the offset printing machine. The ink roller is lightly colored with an ink, and then it is poured with gasoline to clean it. If it is not clean, you can repeat it again until the ink roller is clean. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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