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custom jewelry packaging Personal Experience Communication: Cross-Talk on Printing Paper Transfer Technique (Part 2) SWIFT

by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
The paper increase control is also critical In order to meet the principle of blowing a small suction, but also to strictly control the amount of paper. Lack of control over the amount of paper lifted, it is also prone to airborne, double-sided problems. The ○A in (Fig. 2) is the hex bolt and nut mounted on the jack (N100-30218). The cam control linkage mechanism causes the bolt on the jack to collide with the travel switch (LX5-11), turning on or off the circuit of the travel switch to achieve the purpose of raising paper and not raising paper. Figure 2 'Shun less reverse multi-lift paper volume, about mm empty double.' Loosen the hex nut, adjusting the hex screw can achieve the purpose of adjusting the amount of paper lift, generally clockwise rotation of the hex screw, the amount of paper will be reduced, Turning the hex screw counterclockwise will increase the amount of paper lifted. However, after each time the adjuster must be tightened, the hex nut must be tightened. Otherwise, the hex screw will loosen and the amount of lift will change. The amount of paper lifted is generally controlled to be about 1 to 1.5 mm. Thin paper is sometimes less than 1 mm, and thick paper is sometimes larger than 1.5 mm. In other words, it is advisable to control about 10 sheets per litre. Due to the vibration of the machine, the size and status of the paper are not the same. The amount of paper lifted each time may not be accurate. When we adjust, we can use the average value of the number of lifted papers several times, but the error between the data cannot be too high. Big, otherwise it will not achieve the effect of adjustment. If the amount of paper lifted is small, it will not affect the paper separation, but the paper lift motor is too frequent and not ideal. If the increase in the amount of paper is increased, the resulting failure will occur alternately with empty sheets and double sheets: at the moment of rising, the possibility of double sheets will be the greatest, and at the moment of rising or not rising, the possibility of empty sheets will be greatest, and At this time, the paper nozzle may not absorb the paper (this may be negligence), and the delivery nozzle will perform too long and it will not absorb paper. (At this time, people may focus on On paper nozzles, in fact, it is not its thing), and the wrong point of view, resulting in troubleshooting difficulties. The amount of paper lift should be adjusted properly. This is the key to solving the problem. The little paper is not a piece of paper. The paper is loosely mixed with the paper suction nozzle to perform the paper separation process. For the paper blowing, as long as the small part under the paper suction nozzle is blown away, this is like ours. Banknotes are just like the corner of a banknote. When blowing this small part, it is necessary to blow evenly five to ten pieces of paper on the pile of paper to form a gas layer (separation) between these pieces of paper. If it is not uniform, two or three sheets or three or five sheets Stacking, this also does not achieve the role of separation, will inevitably form a double sheet. Brush reeds are usually used in conjunction with reeds. In order to create a better environment for blowing, it is not possible to lay them flat so that the more unbleached paper is, the better. This will make blowing as small as possible. It is like 'the height of the emperor'. The function of presser foot blow is to separate the separated paper from the paper dispensing nozzle again (with the part far from the paper dispensing nozzle). Therefore, the air pressure of the presser foot does not need to be too large. It is possible to separate the paper sucked by the paper suction nozzle from the lower paper and form a soft air cushion layer therebetween. The paper feeding nozzle can smoothly suck the separated paper which is separated by the paper suction nozzle, and then push the paper forward on the soft air cushion and send it between the paper discharge roller and the paper pressure roller. If the gas is too large, it will cause the delivery nozzle to suck the paper. In fact, it can be seen as a pipe effect between the two papers. What is the pipe effect? That is, the faster the flow rate is, the lower the pressure is in the pipeline. If we open the air blow very much and form a fast flow, the pressure between the two papers is less than the atmospheric pressure, and the atmospheric pressure on the paper will be The paper is pressed downwards, and at the same time, the presser foot blows air again to supplement the high-speed air flow, which causes the paper to float upward, so that the press-down floats alternately, making it difficult for the paper-feeding nozzle to suck the paper (empty sheets). How to be fit? There is no phenomenon of pressing down and there is a gentle flow of air between the papers, and it is advisable that the paper-feeding nozzle can absorb the paper without extending it. The paper feed level is optimal. We have better control of the gas consumption, and we also arrange the position of the suction nozzle objectively. The reason is that it only solves the problems in the paper separation process, and there are more problems in the paper delivery process. “The thin paper is more flat and flat.” When the paper suction nozzle sucks thin paper and flounced paper, it will cause the presser foot to blow and press on the sucked paper, which will inevitably cause the failure of empty sheets and arrogance. Fault, it is recommended that the paper nozzles can be adjusted with a inverted eight-character state, so that a trapezoid is formed. When the paper is sucked (the piston is at the bottom), it is a small edge. When the image is sucked (the piston is at the top), it is The large edge will make the sucked paper pull tighter, which will help the presser foot blow down. 'Slow and fast reverse paper feed, always adjust the transmission side.' Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bag manufacturers,
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