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custom jewelry packaging Enormous Energy Costs Rise in Packing Prints SWIFT

by:SWIFT     2019-09-30
At least roughly, a 1.8-meter full-loaded tile line, one year down, gas more than 6.45 million more than burning coal. A 1.8-meter full-loaded tile line can produce 70.2 million square meters of paperboard a year. Calculated in a box of one square meter, the net cost of each carton increases by 0.09 yuan. In winter, with the increase in heating demand, China’s LNG imports once again hit a record high in November, and with the increase in demand, global gas prices have also skyrocketed. In just one month, the domestic LNG price has soared from 4,000 yuan per ton to more than 10,000 yuan. According to information released by Yulin Coal Trading Center, the highest LNG receiving price on December 18 has risen to RMB 12,000 per ton. For paperboard factories and packaging solutions plants that have just completed the conversion of coal to coal, the energy costs will be greatly increased. More frustrating is that the impact of limited air, many manufacturers have to stop production and limit production, so that business operations more passive. Shan Hu tsunami coal-to-gas reform 2017 was the final stage of China's air pollution remediation, and it was also the end of the phase-out and transformation of coal-fired small boilers. Starting in March of this year, with the in-depth development of the Central Environmental Protection Supervision, various provinces across the country have started a wave of elimination and reconstruction of the small trumpet-fired coal-fired boilers. 35 tons of coal-fired boilers in Hebei Province and below are 'without coal'. On April 28, 2017, all cities in Hebei Province started the phase-out of coal-fired boilers at the same time. A total of 687 coal-fired boilers and 1,571 tons of steam were eliminated. From 2017 to 2018, the whole province of Hebei will eliminate 18,620 sets of coal-fired boilers of 35 tons or less per hour. From January to March in Shandong, a total of 1,330 small coal-fired boilers were eliminated. Weifang City High-tech Zone 8 hours to remove 13 small coal-fired boilers. Zhucheng completed the elimination of 10 tons of coal-fired boilers in the city. Rizhao City announced that it would close down according to law by the end of June. Zhejiang eliminated the transformation process beyond expectations. In 2016, Zhejiang completed the elimination of 14203 small coal-fired boilers. In 2017, the government of Zhejiang Province continued to increase its efforts in controlling floods, fully completed the reform of ultra-low emission technology for large-scale coal-fired units, and completely eliminated the transformation of small coal-fired boilers (kilns). Liaoning has demolished 364 small coal-fired boilers below 10 tons. Shenyang City clearly stated that in the four regions of Liaozhong, Xinmin, Faku and Kangping, all 10 tons of coal-fired boilers in the district will be eliminated. Tianjin Binhai New Area in October 35 steam tons and below industrial coal-fired boilers are cleared. According to the plan, special emission, re-combustion, and decommissioning methods will be adopted to realize the goal of “zeroing” 35 tons of industrial coal-fired boilers (including 35 tons of steam) below the Binhai New Area in October 2017. Hubei eliminates small coal-fired boilers below 20 tons. By the end of June 2017, coal-fired small boilers in all cities and counties must be completely eliminated or reconstructed. Other coal-fired boilers must also meet the emission requirements of the environmental protection department. Jiangxi accelerated the elimination of coal-fired small boilers. In 2017, Jiangxi Province has accelerated the phase-out and renovation of small coal-fired boilers to ensure that 10 tons of steam-fired coal-fired boilers have been shut down or other clean energy sources have been implemented. Hainan focused on eliminating small coal-fired boilers. By the end of 2017, the province will need to eliminate 101 small coal-fired boilers. Basically, 35 tons of coal-fired boilers per hour and below will be eliminated within the built-up areas of cities and counties, and 10 tons of coal-fired boilers and below will be basically eliminated in other regions. Rapid increase in energy costs After reforming coal to gas, the haze in the north of this year is indeed much less, and people are beginning to feel the comfort of green mountains. However, natural gas did not make inventory preparation in advance, causing the price to go crazy. The wave of boiler remediation that began in March and the country’s entire country has caused a large number of paper, paperboard, and carton companies to stop production and limit production. When these companies switch to gas, there will be a significant increase in production costs. These costs will be passed on to downstream companies, which will further increase the cost of packaging solutions paper, paperboard and cartons, and will lead to the continued development of packaging solutions products. rise. When the north entered the heating season, natural gas began to soar, and many companies were caught unprepared. At least roughly, a 1.8-meter full-loaded tile line, one year down, gas more than 6.45 million more than burning coal. A 1.8-meter full-loaded tile line can produce 70.2 million square meters of paperboard a year. Calculated in a box of one square meter, the net cost of each carton increases by 0.09 yuan. Although the current price hike is caused by insufficient supply, will natural gas prices fall back to the original price next spring? Considering that China's natural gas mainly relies on imports, prices are greatly affected by the RMB exchange rate. Once the exchange rate has jumped sharply, it is very difficult for the natural gas in the future to think back to its previous low position. In any case, the prices of future packaging solutions products will only become more and more expensive. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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