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custom jewelry packaging Children experience printing at the scene, playing traditional culture while playing hai!

by:SWIFT     2019-09-30
In 2018, two consecutive heavy snowfalls turned Xi'an into Datang Chang'an, and the ancient city was beautifully decorated and enchanting. In the face of the long-lost snow, the children enjoyed the joy of snow and snow, but it did not affect the schedule of the “I'll accompany children to read classics - Xi’an Station” activities. The return of the fairy tale kingdom to the traditional study class is a matter of delight for the children, because today’s course is printed in movable type. This ancient invention was listed in the world’s four “big inventions” and is the pride of the nation. Today's lecturer is Hong Kuang, the Chinese cultural promotion ambassador. Mr. Hong is a master of Xi'an Spirit Chang'an Lile Culture Co., Ltd., director of the Provincial Marriage Research Institute etiquette, Chang'an Yiyi Schoolmaster. He has rich practical experience in Gili, Binli, and Jiali, and has hosted many large-scale traditional collective weddings around the world. Thousands of adult ceremony etiquette. In the Seoul Lake Scenic Area, several antique memorials and celebrations were held. In the ancient Tea City “Famous Children’s Tea Art Troupe” event, he served as a teacher of Chinese studies, and did a lot of useful work for the popularization of traditional culture. At the beginning of the event, Teacher Hong led the students to read 'The Rules of Disciples.' Through four activities, the children had been able to read the books. The on-the-spot sound was pleasing to the ears. Next, Hung teacher used pictures to show and explain the history and origin of ancient Chinese printing. In the hands-on session, the teacher began to print with children in kind. When he saw his work, he was too happy to describe it. Through the study of the four traditional culture classes in paper cutting, shadow painting, tea art, and printing, she has already completed her business today. Jiang Yongli, general manager of the Fangtai Group Xi'an Branch, gave the children a certificate of completion, and the children cheered on the activities to a climax. Fang Tai, the organizer of this event, is a company with the core values ​​of “the combination of personality, enterprise products and products”; the mission of “Let the family feel better”; and is driven by mission, vision and values. With 21 years of focus and persistence on high-quality kitchen appliances, we are making great strides towards the grand vision of “becoming a great company”. From 2010, Fang too launched the 'I accompany children to read the classic' charity activities across the country. In the past seven years, I have been holding more than 250 events with my children reading classics, which has attracted more than 2,000 family members and established 24 Chinese learning promotion bases. It can be predicted that in the next seven years, we will continue to 'love and grow together'! Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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